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Give Your Home A Fresh Start

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Human psychology is curious because while a person may believe that they know themselves well and they are in control of their decisions and emotions, there are so many things that affect those same people all the time of which they are unaware. You may not realize it, but something as predictable as the changing seasons can have a major impact on your mood. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is thought to affect about between 4% and 6% of people in the United States. It does not just take place during winter when the weather is not as great and the days are shorter, some people can suffer from it during the summer months too. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, used an analogy of an iceberg to describe the different parts of the mind. The part that sits above the water is the conscious mind, the part of which we are aware. Below that is the preconscious mind, where thoughts exist until they 'succeed in attracting the eye of the conscious'. Finally, the largest part of the iceberg is the unconscious, which is the primary source of human behavior. So many things can influence our unconscious mind that it makes it questionable whether we can reasonably say that we are in control of ourselves.

One of the major things that plays a part in how we feel, think, and act in everyday life is our environment. If you are at home, you may think that you are comfortable because you know the place well and you feel safe, but it may be that a lot of other information is being processed by the unconscious mind. Difficult memories or unpleasant associations with certain objects, colors or entire rooms may be changing your mood. That is why, if you are feeling in a rut, you may want to think about redecorating and giving your home a new look, and more importantly, a new feel. Here are some ideas about how you can go about doing it:

If you have the means, and you want to have a completely new and fresh apartment or house without making all the decisions yourself, the only option is to get someone else to do it for you. Million Dollar Makeovers will do that for you. One of the exciting things about this is that since you will not be choosing all the colors, furniture and the artwork, you will not be able to subtly imbue your new place with the unconscious aspects that were proving to be difficult last time. It is all new and unfamiliar to you, not to mention stylish. It is like owning a completely new house.  

If you want to do the decorating yourself, you can consciously decide to do it in styles that you would not ordinarily pick. That is not to say things that you do not like, just a way that expresses a part of your personality that you do not usually allow to flourish creatively. The great thing about this is that you can invite your friends over and start making new, positive associations and memories in your place.

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