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Girl's Guide To Getting Abs

There’s always those girls who leave us envious during the summer months with their killer abs. In fact, we are left in awe when they are working out at the gym, or strutting their stuff on the beach. And a lot of girls are left clueless on how they can recreate the same look. But it doesn’t actually require a million hours at the gym! In fact, here is a girl’s guide to getting abs which will leave others envious.

It’s time to do some ab workouts

A lot of girls make the mistake of thinking doing any random exercise can help them to start building up those abs. But you need to target the abdominal muscles. After all, targeting this particular area will ensure you can burn fat and start gaining muscle. Thankfully, there are lots of ab workouts you can do without needing to hit the gym. For starters, you should aim to do a load of sit ups every day. After all, this will target those abdominal muscles, and it’s easy to fit it into your morning and evening. Also, crunches are key if you are hoping to build those abs. Start by lifting just your shoulder blades, and then you will soon be able to lift the whole upper body. And leg lifts are also great to work the abs and the legs at the same time!

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It’s time to work on your diet

It’s not all exercise which can help you build-up your abs. You also need to take a good look at your diet if you want to get killer abs. After all, there are some easy tweaks which will help you to gain muscles. For starters, you need to add more protein to your diet. Get your fill of protein foods like eggs and white meat. And you can add a protein shake to your daily diet to ensure you are consuming enough. Also, you want to make sure you are consuming plenty of fiber. In fact, go for plenty of vegetables and wholegrain products to make a difference to your body. And if you are thinking of going down the supplement route to help you gain muscles quickly, make sure you check out a review like this one written by Erny on That way, you know if it’s worth using supplements to gain abs.

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Make sure you are doing strength training

For a lot of girls, their main focus is on cardio. After all, they do this to help them lose the pounds. But if you do want to build up those abs, you need to ensure you are doing plenty of strength training too. Otherwise, you will struggle to get that six-pack you are longing for. It’s easy to get puzzled when it comes to strength training. But to get started, you should aim to do it three times a week. Go for exercises which work each muscle group, and use weights you are comfortable with. Don’t be embarrassed if you start with the smallest weight. After all, you will build-up over time and soon be on the big weights!


And as explains, try and reduce your body fat percentage to around 16 to 19 percent. That way, you will find it easier to start achieving those killer abs!

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