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Flight Attendants' Beauty Secrets We Can All Benefit From

Let’s face it; no one knows how to do beauty better than flight attendants. They spend hours in the sky, serving customers, and they don’t get a chance to re-apply their makeup from scratch. They look flawless at all times, and we can learn a lot from their approach to beauty. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the key beauty secrets of flight attendants.  
Makeup texture is everything – One thing any flight attendant recognises is that the texture of their makeup products means everything. Creamy textures are ideal because they can be blended again with washed hands, making it easy for a quick fix-up. Look for makeup that comes with easy-to-use handle sticks and products that are easy to pack.

They swear by dry shampoo – Flight attendants swear by dry shampoo, and they are very picky about the ones they choose. Powder form dry shampoo is the best choice, as there is no need to worry about liquid restrictions. Plus, powder versions ensure that nothing interferes with soaking up grease. Liquid formulas can often be very sticky, and this detracts from the desired outcome.

They pay attention to the order of things – One of the most important things you need to do when flying anywhere is ensure you get your beauty treatments in the right order and that you apply your makeup in the correct manner. Let’s deal with beauty treatments first. Flight attendants have a stringent routine that they stick to. They know that they need to book their waxing appointment around two days before their spray tan. They know to have their lashes and eyebrows tinted a day or two before flying. They also know that any trips to a cosmetic surgery specialist should be done in their time off work. Checking recovery times are vital in this regard. Lip fillers have become a very popular over the past few years, and the average recovery time for this treatment is two weeks. When it comes to makeup application, the right order is also pivotal. Oils, creams, and serums matter when it comes to part of a balanced, recycled air-considering skincare routine, as does the manner in which they are laid. First, you need to deliver a short of nutrients by applying a serum. The second thing you need to do is load up on moisturiser. Lastly, to ensure everything does not evaporate in the dry air, oil should go on last.

They know that SPF matters – Flight attendants know the importance of applying sunscreen or SPF-based products. Even when you are on the ground, rays can have an extremely damaging impact on skin cells. It is always important to protect yourself.

They know the importance of hydration – Last but not least, flight attendants know the importance of hydration. Flight attendants constantly apply moisturiser and drink litres of water. Some also take extra measures in terms of sleeping with a humidifier or using facemasks.
There is no denying that flight attendants have their beauty routine perfected. Copy the tips mentioned above and you can too.

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