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Awesome Out Of Office Careers

We all have dream jobs, and most of them don’t involve being in an office for eight hours a day. The truth is that office work is boring and monotonous, and the majority of us want to avoid it at all costs. Sadly, lots of careers involve a single cubicle next to a team of colleagues. However, just because office jobs are the most ubiquitous doesn’t mean that we have to settle. Nope, we should reach for the stars and stretch our legs, and here are the careers that allow us to do just that.

Beauty Therapist

As a beauty blogger, you could say that I am a bit biased! Okay, so the idea of working in beauty for a living does send a shiver down my spine, and a good one. Still, that doesn’t mean that the position isn’t an excellent choice. For all of you people that like makeup and human contact, this is the perfect role. Not only do you get to try out new techniques, but you also spend your day chatting to clients. Sure, the clinic or the spa or whatever you plan on calling it might feel like an office, yet it’s much freer. And, if you’re lucky, most of the day will be at outside appointments.


Everyone seems to go to university today to get a degree. The result is that more people are going into a certain type of job, and trades are becoming less popular. But, they shouldn’t be because they have a lot to offer. For one thing, the sense of job satisfaction is very high as tradies complete a variety of tasks in one day. Plus, the work takes place on a site, which is the farthest thing away from an office. If that isn’t enough, the camaraderie between the boys and girls is top notch and the money is competitive. Oh, and you don’t need to waste three years at college getting a degree.


Becoming a real estate agent isn’t all picnics and sunshine because they are lots of negatives. And, all successful real estate careers have to overcome these cons before the positives appear. However, once you hurdle the obstacles, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s start with the main benefit: the money. As an agent, the sums involved in selling and renting a property are enormous. Plus, it’s a competitive career because you will always have to hit targets. There are other benefits too, such as meeting new people and taking them to viewings outside of the office.

Personal Chef

Do you like to cook? Good because you can become a chef for the rich and famous. Not only do you get to prepare delicious meals, but you also get to hobnob with movie stars, musicians, and sporting icons. And, as a personal chef, you’ll never have to work out of an office. Yep, your office is your client’s kitchen, wherever they might live.

These are only four examples but there are plenty more, so don’t let the office get your down.

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