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A New Look For A New You

When you come to a crossroads in your life or realize that you are stuck in a rut, you might decide to make some drastic changes. Completely reinventing yourself can be an invigorating feeling. You’re a whole new person with new challenges ahead of you. All of the bad things in your life have been left behind and you’re looking forward to moving forward. However, there are still some ties to the old you. If you haven’t changed your style, it can sometimes feel like an unwanted link to the part of yourself that you are trying to leave behind. The solution to this is to revamp your style, just like you have done your life. You don’t need to do anything drastic to make yourself look and feel like a new person. Try these simple tips to find a new style to fit the new you.


coloured hair.jpeg

One of the most defining things about a person’s look is their hairstyle so changing it is a good starting point when trying to develop a new style. You could try something minor like changing the way that you have your parting, you just need to get some hair tape to fix it while you sleep and it will move. Alternatively, you could go for something bigger. Getting some color hair extensions put in will make you almost unrecognizable, as will getting having a complete change of style. If you’ve had long hair for a while, why not think about cutting it right down.


Buying a whole new wardrobe is one way to reinvent your style, but it’s also a great way to empty your purse. If you accessorize well, you can give the impression that you’ve bought a whole new wardrobe without actually having to spend all of that money. Choose items that are likely to be noticed most often like handbags and shoes, and invest in some eye-catching ones that you wouldn’t normally wear. You should also experiment with various combinations of the clothes that you already have. You might find that there are totally new ways to wear them that give a whole new style.


Start making bold statements with your makeup. Do away with boring old nail colors and swap them for something more risky and unique. Instead of the traditional oval shape, try something more square, it is likely to draw attention.

red lipstick.jpeg

A strong red lipstick is another simple way of showing people that you have a new look and you aren’t afraid to show it off. Choosing red lipsticks that are largely blue based is a good idea because they tend to go well with most skin tones.

Interesting eye makeup is another great way to turn heads. Most people go for a bit of mascara and leave it at that, putting on a lavish design will make you stand out from the crowd.

Before you put your makeup on in the mornings, nail down your skin care routine. It will ensure that your skin is glowing all day, breathing new life into your style.


Your eyes are another things that massively defines the way that you look, so changing their color will make you almost a different person. Not permanently of course. You can go to the optometrist and get all sorts of contact lenses to try. You could even get a load of different sets so you can change your eye color depending on how you feel that day and match it to your outfit. 



Getting a tattoo is a fairly big commitment but it can give your style a very fresh feel to it. A lot of people get tattoos that have some wider meaning in their life, so if you are entering a new phase of your own life, then you might feel like it’s a good time to get one. If you don’t think you’re quite ready for a proper tattoo, or you’re undecided, try temporary tattoos or henna to get an idea of what it will look like before you take the plunge.

Emulate A Style

One of the biggest obstacles that people come across when they are trying to find a new style is that they just don’t know where to start or what their style should be. You don’t have to be revolutionary to reinvent yourself, there are already plenty of great styles out there for you to choose from. Look at some pictures of your favorite celebrities and see what they are doing. This will give you some good ideas on how to get started on your own new style.

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