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Beauty, Skincare & Hair Trends For Summer

Trying to predict beauty trends can be a difficult task. There’s plenty of trends that begin with a flourish and seem to have the backing of makeup companies, but then fade away into nothingness. Then there are the trends that start organically and, before you know it, have taken over every beauty blog that you visit.

Nevertheless, knowing where the beauty industry is going is definitely useful if you like to stay ahead of the curve. For lovers of makeup, it can occasionally feel like many new releases are in the “more of the same” category. There’s only so many times you can look at new Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palettes and get excited about soft, neutral tones, and a new MAC lipstick half a shade darker than what went before isn’t enough to get the pulse racing. So what might be in store to capture the imagination of beauty addicts the world over?

Korean Beauty: Still A Thing

Image Credit: Wikipedia

If you think you’ve seen enough snail goo and sheet face masks to last you the rest of your life, then you may be hoping that Korean beauty will fade into the ether. Maybe it’ll be like those days when we all covered ourselves in body glitter; something we acknowledge happened, but we need pay no more attention to it.

Bad news, then: K-beauty is here and it looks like it’s going to linger for awhile longer. We’re just getting started with popular Korean trends making their way to the western market. Bubble masks may not be new innovations, but more manufacturers are now beginning to explore the market. Then there’s the skincare that revolves around egg whites. It might sound disgusting, but egg whites are already a staple for those who make their own beauty products, so skincare manufacturers will doubtless be tapping into this market soon.

Another to look out for is pressed serums. They’re all the benefits of a serum but in a cream consistency. Anything that cuts steps from a skincare regime should be welcomed, and these are a great alternative for those nights when you’re not in the mood for a full routine.

Then there are the beauty trends. One to consider trying is two-tone lips. It might feel ridiculous to begin with, but it’s an interesting solution to two lipsticks you just can’t decide between!

Skin As The Showpiece

For years we have been mastering the art of foundation. Most of us have gone through the journey of applying it badly with our fingers to learning the fine art of the perfect finish via a Beauty Blender. We still peruse Macy's Printable coupons & promo Codes for May 2017 so we can hit the beauty counter and indulge in all manner of concealers, foundations, and contour palettes without breaking the bank.

Then… everything changes.

Perhaps in response to the fact that we’re all beginning to look the same thanks to over-contouring and highlighting, the trend on the catwalks has been for clear, simple skin. Conceal the imperfections, highlight to give a glow, and then you’re done. It’s even been dubbed “no makeup makeup”, which might sound oxymoronic, but it’s the trend of the moment.

If the idea of this terrifies you, then strip back while still getting the coverage you need. Finding the perfect tone of foundation is essential, potentially used to best effect over color-controlling any skin imperfection. Then, set the contouring aside in favor of a fresh, springtime look.

Braids To The Rescue

Image Credit: Pexels

Braids may bring back memories of your school days, but there’s no doubt they have been having a ‘moment’ on the runways of late. Roberto Cavalli and Valentino both showcased models with braids galore, usually worn as adornments to an otherwise simple hair-down ‘do.

Braids are a great way of adding texture to hair, while evoking a somewhat hippie style without going too boho. Wear your hair in your normal parting, then add a few loose, simple braids through the lengths. Secure with an invisible tie, or just give a spritz of hairspray to loosely bind them together. To get this look, you don’t want your braids to be too tight - it’s more a loose weave than a tight-and-perfect French braid.

Customized Beauty

Have you ever bought an eyeshadow palette and realized months later that you’ve only used half of the colors?

Or perhaps - despite years of searching - you still haven’t quite managed to find a foundation that’s a perfect match for your skintone?

The beauty industry is riding to the rescue, acknowledging now that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t actually fitting anyone. It’s becoming more and more common for brands to offer palettes that are customizable, where you can choose the shades rather than having to buy 10 shades just to get the two you’ll really use. Elizabeth Arden are riding the crest of this wave, though other brands will be sure to follow suit.

As for foundation, several brands now offer drops that can alter foundation shades in your favor. The Body Shop have been the pioneers, with brands like NYX already catching up with their own offerings.

Glitter Lips

Image Credit: Flickr

Finally, it’s not for the faint hearted, but glitter lips are now a thing. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on your perspective.

On one hand, there’s no doubt that glitter lips make a serious impact. If you’ve got magpie tendencies, then why resist the pull of them for a big night out? There are plenty of tutorials around that can show you how to achieve the look, though do be warned, even the best techniques don’t last too long. This might be best reserved for a selfie to show them off, in the acknowledgement that photo is probably as good as they’re going to look all night!

One huge benefit of glitter lips, however, is that they are totally customizable. So if you want to perfectly match your outfit and inject some creativity into your look, then this could be the trend for you.

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