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Achievable Dream Jobs

When it comes to jobs, very few of us aim for the sky. That’s often because we forget that exciting jobs exist. If you’re ready for a career change or you’re considering what your first career should be, you need to look at all the options. Take a look at some of the most exciting and rewarding jobs in the world.


The veterinary world is one exciting place to be. It may start off with a love for cats and dogs, but if you’re an animal lover, you could consider studying to be a vet. The work includes farm animals, exotic animals, zoo animals and more. If a vet isn’t quite what you’re looking for, why not consider a veterinary assistant or a zoo assistant. There are also lots of animal charities looking for volunteers if it’s something you’d rather do in your spare time.

Have you always dreamed of flying through the skies? Well, no is your chance. With some pilot training, you could be at the head of the aircraft ready to fly to new destinations every week. Yes, you will be taken through vigorous testing, but the end result is worth it. If you don’t fancy having all of that power in your hands, you could opt for cabin crew aboard holiday flights or why not fly helicopters as a hobby?


If you were a massive Disney fan growing up (or still are) there are plenty of jobs available at Disney. From designers to princesses, the variety is endless. Perhaps you’re skilled at drawing and dream of working on an animated movie, or maybe you want to work in one of the world-renowned Disney Parks so you can always be a part of the magic brought to families. Wherever your skills lie, you’re sure to find something to suit you at Disney Jobs. If you do apply for a job at Disney, be sure to make yourself stand out.

Owning a Business
Some people dream of being their own boss. Spending so much of your time and effort working for someone else can lead you to dream about making your own hours. That dream isn’t as far away as it may seem. All you need is a business idea and suitable funding before you could be the owner of a brand-new business. Self-employment is far more popular than it used to be and it’s the ideal way to make sure you put your family first.

An Entertainer
Who didn’t grow up wanting to be a singer, dancer or musician? Entertainment is a dream industry to work in but a very difficult one to survive in. You will constantly have competition and it’s hard to get noticed. Having said that, if you have the talent and the drive, what’s stopping you from living your dream? Whether you’re a singer trying to plug your songs or a comedian performing gigs in small venues, keep hope alive. Perseverance is a must have trait in this industry, so keep on doing what you love.

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