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A Beautiful Bathroom For A Beautiful You

Your bathroom plays a larger role in your life than you might realise. It’s the room in which you prepare for the day. For most of us, it’s also the place in which we maintain our beauty. And yet, it’s often a room we neglect. With a whole house to get right, the bathroom seems like the last place we need to get right. But, how can you keep up your beauty regime in a room which hasn’t done the same? Like the makeovers you give yourself, we’re going to look at how to makeover the bathroom of your dreams.


Most beauty regimes start with foundation. This is the bare essential, on which we build the rest of our image. When it comes to your bathroom, the foundation concerns the basics. That means getting your appliances perfect. Make sure you take time choosing the right appliances. Your sink, bath, and toilet all deserve your attention. While some of us choose these based on an existing decor, it may be best to start here. That way, your decor should come more naturally. Choose appliances that most appeal, and match the colour scheme on each. A mix match of appliances will make your room look messy. They’ll also make it much more difficult to get things right. Think, too, about the taps and flush you choose on these appliances. Find a selection of taps on sites like You could also find your chosen flush on sites like these. You could settle for a traditional flush, or go all out and get a chain-pull system. Again, make sure whatever you choose ties in with your ideas for the rest of the room!


Next, we move onto eyeliner. Unlike the clean base of foundation, this is a finishing touch that the whole world will see. When we think of our bathrooms, the eyeliner is those decorative touches. If you’re running low on decoration ideas, you can find some on sites like Taking inspiration from other sources is the best way to achieve the image you want. Think about whether you want to paint, or use wall tiles. Think, too, about what you would like on the floor. And, don’t forget to consider your colour scheme. Some options, such as blue, are more traditional. But, don’t think you have to stick with these. Breaking from the norm is a sure way to turn heads.


Most of us finish our makeovers with a bright touch of lipstick. This is the finishing touch that brings the whole thing to life. The lipstick for your bathroom is the additions which bring the room together. Think about which shower curtain would look best, or which mirror would most complement the room. In many ways, this will be the easiest part of the makeover. The hard work of deciding which colours you want to focus on is already done. All you need to do is pick features that complement what you already have!

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