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Let's not meet by accident (Road safety tips)

Caution – I Brake For Stop Signs! 

Obviously, that's what we should all do. When it comes to your life and health, you cannot take too many precautions. Your life and the life of your loved ones is so precious. Before anyone else, you should be the first to take precautionary steps, because if you don't, others might not be able to do so.

I know it is unlikely for an experienced driver to have an accident with victims, and you probably never had an accident. However, the brake or steering system might become damaged, you can be blinded by the sun or a tire can burst, you can suffer from sudden health issues like a cardiac arrest etc. I remember a road safety campaign a few years ago from youtube that was very emotional and would like to share it with you here

According to surveys, 44% of drivers carry out safety checks (such as oil, tire pressure and brake light checks) at least once a month, which is good, but is that enough? It's so important to always be vigilant for us and the ones around us.

According to the same surveys, 20% of people said they would carry out safety checks on a car before beginning a journey regardless of whether they were the driver and 39% of respondents put the personal health of the driver as the most important safety element.

The most dangerous invention is.. right next to us

Statistically, the one invention that has single handily killed the most amount of people (surprisingly or not) is the automobile. Looking more carefully though, it's more appropriate to say that all these accidents were caused mostly by human recklessness. It's not the automobile, its how people were driving it.

Many car accidents casualties could be avoided if both drivers and pedestrians would fulfill their obligations and would respect each other's rights on the road.

All studies show that a large amount of accidents are caused by drivers aged between 18 and 24 years old, driving cars with high engine displacement of above 2,000 cm3. Many of them are poorly trained and do not realize what can happen if you do not take into account road conditions and the other drivers. Check out this road safety campaign on youtube that targets exactly this type of driving in teenagers:

Simple things that we can do every day can make a big difference

Statistics also say that 83% of people believe that the safety of the passengers is the driver's responsibility. But although it's the driver's responsability to drive carefully, to have a properly inspected vehicle, with working seat belts etc., it is ultimately the passenger's responsibility to wear the seat belt.

Being in the back seat as a passenger without wearing a seatbelt is actually as dangerous as if you are in the front seat, if not, in some cases even more dangerous, since during a potential collision you can seriously wound or even cause lethal damage the other passengers in the car that would have otherwise survived.

Interestingly enough about speeding, studies say that If a child is hit by a car at 65km/h there's an 80% chance the child will not survive. If hit at 48km/h there's an 80% he will overcome the impact and live. So even a 15-17km/h difference in speed can have serious consequences

Also, keep in mind that a two-second glance at your phone while you're driving doubles the risk of crashing. A second drink could double your chance of being in a fatal collision.

What should you do if you are the victim of a road accident?

Sometimes even if you take all the precautions needed on your behalf, you still can't prevent an accident caused by someone else.The period immediately following an accident is stressful enough for victims. Although one cannot always prevent an accident from happening to them, it is possible to react properly to it. 

In case you have been injured in a car accident, you need to attend as soon as possible a medical evaluation in order to establish and evaluate the physical injury and get a forensic medical document.

If you have suffered injury or someone close to you has died following a traffic accident, you are entitled to material damages, as well as moral damages for the suffering that has been caused.

To ensure that you get the road accident compensation to which you are entitled and justice is indeed made, do not hesitate to contact a specialist in this field. Reputable firms such as Slater Gordon are leaders in helping people get easier access to world class legal services.

Try to find out the name and contact details of people who witnessed the accident.

Take many pictures of the accident scene and surroundings. If this is not possible, try to obtain pictures from other people who were present;
Be careful what documents you sign in the aftermath of the accident.
Follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor to cure/improve the sufferings that have been caused by the accident and return to subsequent checks determined by the doctor. In this way, the evolution of your state of health and the appearance of any complications are monitored and your chances of recovery are increased. Stay safe!

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