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Let's not meet by accident (Road safety tips)

Caution – I Brake For Stop Signs!  Obviously, that's what we should all do. When it comes to your life and health, you cannot take too many precautions. Your life and the life of your loved ones is so precious. Before anyone else, you should be the first to take precautionary steps, because if you don't, others might not be able to do so. I know it is unlikely for an experienced driver to have an accident with victims, and you probably never had an accident. However, the brake or steering system might become damaged, you can be blinded by the sun or a tire can burst, you can suffer from sudden health issues like a cardiac arrest etc. I remember a road safety campaign a few years ago from youtube that was very emotional and would like to share it with you here According to surveys, 44% of drivers carry out safety checks (such as oil, tire pressure and brake light checks) at least once a month, which is good, but is t

Insider Tips For Competitions - How To Win Comps

People who enter competitions have won everything, ranging from £10,000 value Tesco gift cards to five-star holidays and luxury weddings.   It all revolves around the potentially profitable hobby of 'comping.' Our guide includes tips on how to source the free online competitions, assistance with tie-breakers, how to use web gadgets to fill out forms quickly and more. 1.   The fine art of comping Although it isn't easy, it is possible to come away with thousands of pounds in cold, hard cash, luxury holidays or fancy gadgets - all without spending a cent. There is a simple reason for this.   Competitions are an inexpensive opportunity for companies to promote their products.   It is cheaper to give away a £3,000 Maldives vacation than purchasing large national newspaper ads.   It also provides the opportunity to obtain valuable information on potential customers, so it is very easy to understand why these contests are so plentiful.   What is comping?