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Surprising Beauty Benefits When You Quit Smoking

Everyone knows the dangers of smoking"emphysema, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, etc. Many people want to quit, and it's a difficult challenge, but along your journey your health will improve from the first minute you quit.

As soon as you've stopped smoking or even switch to e cigarettes, your breathing will begin to improve, the inflammation in your body will decrease, your blood pressure will start going down, and more. All these changes will dramatically improve your overall health with time. But you'll also see a visible change in your appearance as well.

As you remain smoke-free, pay attention to how you look in the mirror. You may just see even more reasons to stick to your guns when temptation strikes.

Bright, Clear Skin

The longer you've smoked, the more likely it is that you've noticed your skin becoming dry, dull, and possibly even taking on a yellowish tone. Since smoking narrows your blood vessels, less blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients can reach the surface of your skin.

The many chemicals in tobacco products tend to damage your elastin and collagen"the connective tissue that keeps your skin looking young and free of lines and wrinkles.

This is why older smokers have so many more lines on their faces than nonsmokers of the same age. But it isn't just the face that suffers"smokers see more sagging skin on their neck, breasts, and inner arms as well.

Fortunately, as soon as you quit smoking, the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to your outer skin layers improves right away. Your skin may never return to its original condition before you smoked, but you'll likely see a dramatic renewal in collagen and elastin, which will definitely show on your face and body with time.

You may be surprised to find that even only a few days after tossing out the cigarettes, your complexion will already be noticeably rosier, with less sagging.

Thick, Healthy Hair

It's normal for bodily functions to begin slowing with age, including blood flow to the scalp. This results in less new hair growth, and an inevitable thinning of your hair. But smokers experience an acceleration of that process because hair follicles and the hormones that affect hair growth are affected.

Studies show a major link between smoking and "going gray" early. But by quitting, you'll stop the acceleration of hair loss, and may even slow your graying"and without all that smoke around you, your hair will smell fresh and clean, too.

Strong, Healthy Nails

Just like your skin, your nails also suffer when you smoke. By quitting, you can reverse the dry, discolored, brittle condition of your nails, and say goodbye to slow nail growth, peeling, and cracking.

Not only will your nails look better, but you'll also receive a health benefit as well"hands and feet that are free of cracking and peeling nails are far less susceptible to painful and harmful nail fungus.

A Brighter, Whiter Smile

You probably already noticed how the nicotine and tar in cigarettes can discolor your teeth and dull your taste buds. After quitting, smokers always marvel at how much better food tastes, and how their teeth are improving. Dentists agree that your teeth will show improvement when you quit.

For a natural boost to help the healing process along, mix three teaspoons of baking soda and two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and use this to brush your teeth. This will help whiten your teeth.

A Positive Perspective

With every smoke-free day, you'll have one more milestone of achievement, and you'll be even further along the path of an improved appearance. While reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease is vital, sometimes having a visual way of tracking your accomplishments can be just the thing to keep you motivated.

By watching your reflection and noticing how your skin is brighter, your teeth are whiter, your hair feels thicker and healthier, and you seem a little younger overall than when you smoked, you'll feel good about yourself and positive about your choices.

Then, if temptation does strike, you'll be reluctant to give in, because you won't want to undo all the good that you're seeing in the mirror. You'll want to see it through to the end, and stick with your smoking cessation, so that you can keep on growing healthier, more attractive, and live a longer, happier life.

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