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Surprising Beauty Benefits When You Quit Smoking

Everyone knows the dangers of smoking"emphysema, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, etc. Many people want to quit, and it's a difficult challenge, but along your journey your health will improve from the first minute you quit. As soon as you've stopped smoking or even switch to e cigarettes , your breathing will begin to improve, the inflammation in your body will decrease, your blood pressure will start going down, and more. All these changes will dramatically improve your overall health with time. But you'll also see a visible change in your appearance as well. As you remain smoke-free, pay attention to how you look in the mirror. You may just see even more reasons to stick to your guns when temptation strikes. Bright, Clear Skin The longer you've smoked, the more likely it is that you've noticed your skin becoming dry, dull, and possibly even taking on a yellowish tone. Since smoking narrows your blood vessels, less blood flow, oxyg

The cost of beauty

    ' To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.' Marc Jacobs       Have you ever wondered the cost of your beauty ? A recent article on Flux Magazine   made me think about it. The beauty industry is build on the products and services that help us look better than usual. In the UK people spend £284 million a year on products and in the Unted States $62,46 billion.      The beauty industry is more diverse than you could think. It's not just the makeup , perfumes or hair products , it's also the deodorants,soaps, toothpaste , beauty salons ,tanning salons and a whole lot more. We became kinda addicted of some of these        I use foundation, powder, concelear, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick , blush , and a brow pen just for my makeup. For my skincare routine I use a nightcream and a ultra smoothing serum, a cleansing gel and a micellar water. So just for my face almost  £250. Wow! I hope my boyfriend won't read this.