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How to Relax When Stress Won’t Let You

After a long day of work, nights come as a relief. This is the time to throw away all the stress and just chill out. Right? Not always. Usually the stress that comes with work stays with some of even on these blessed nights and we find ourselves driving the car on the way back home just wondering how fast the week is going or how soon the weekend will go too. Unfortunately, this scenario can lead to us feeling distracted from our ‘at home’ activities, be it going out with friends, or just ‘trying’ to relax at home. It’s not very hard to make work and worries take the back seat so that you can feel refreshed. The tips below will show you how easy it is to unwind.  1. Focus on your breath: The easiest way to keep yourself calm and relaxed is to focus on your breath so that you can feel in the moment. Realize that you are no longer connected to your worries and have the right to be free and happy. Let go of the stress as you breathe to feel more and more relaxed. 2. Accept: Lea