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How to Plan a Romantic Babymoon

With a gorgeous ring on your finger from , you probably thought life couldn’t get much better. Until, that is, the pregnancy test kit turns pink or blue and you realize that in nine months’ time, two will become three. For many couples, having a baby is the icing on the cake of married life. Indeed, lots of couples get married precisely because they want to have kids together. You don’t need to get married to have a family, but in many societies, having children outside of marriage is frowned upon. Once children do come along, the cozy relationship you have with your other half will change dramatically. You won’t have the same amount of freedom and your bank account is likely to be severely depleted. It can be a real shock to the system, which is why a babymoon is the ideal way to share some special time with your partner before baby comes along. To help you ensure you have some quality bonding time with your beloved, here are some tips to help you plan a relax