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September 24, 2016

How to Plan a Romantic Babymoon

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With a gorgeous ring on your finger from, you probably thought life couldn’t get much better. Until, that is, the pregnancy test kit turns pink or blue and you realize that in nine months’ time, two will become three.
For many couples, having a baby is the icing on the cake of married life. Indeed, lots of couples get married precisely because they want to have kids together. You don’t need to get married to have a family, but in many societies, having children outside of marriage is frowned upon.
Once children do come along, the cozy relationship you have with your other half will change dramatically. You won’t have the same amount of freedom and your bank account is likely to be severely depleted. It can be a real shock to the system, which is why a babymoon is the ideal way to share some special time with your partner before baby comes along.
To help you ensure you have some quality bonding time with your beloved, here are some tips to help you plan a relaxing babymoon.

Travel at the Right Time

Most women find it easiest to travel during their second trimester, as this is the time when morning sickness fades away and a woman blooms with pregnancy hormones. By contrast, during the first three months you will probably feel exhausted, sick and not up for anything too difficult. By the time you have three months or less to go in your pregnancy, it will be increasingly hard to move around easily and you certainly won’t want to go far from home.

Choose the Right Destination

There is nothing to stop you trekking up the Amazon or climbing Kilimanjaro when pregnant, but if you want a nice, relaxing babymoon with your partner, it is better to stick to mainstream destinations where medical assistance is only a phone call away.

Book Comfortable Accommodation

Sleep can be elusive when a woman is pregnant. For this reason, it is worth paying a bit extra for a deluxe room or suite when you go on a babymoon. You will appreciate a super comfortable bed and quiet surroundings, especially when enjoying a cozy lie-in with your beloved.

Take Out Travel Insurance

It is usually safe to travel up to your third trimester, but do make sure you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers pregnancy and childbirth, just in case baby decides to make an early arrival.

Treat Yourself

This is your opportunity to enjoy some ‘us time’ before a demanding little person arrives. Make the most of your babymoon and book some relaxing spa treatments or spend a few days enjoying quiet conversation by the pool. Once you have kids, your vacations will never be this relaxing again.

Lastly, if you elect to fly to your vacation destination, be sure to check the airline’s policy on flying during pregnancy. Some airlines are not as relaxed as others, so if you book your babymoon late in pregnancy, make sure you are able to fly or your babymoon will become a staycation.

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