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Tips for Buying a Holiday Wardrobe on a Budget

Holiday season is in full swing and everybody seems to be jetting off here, there and everywhere for

a week or two on the golden sands of an exotic country. Every year we dream of these summer

months when sat in the office; the weeks where we can relax carefree with a cocktail in one hand

and a book in the other. It’s no secret that holidays are expensive and it’s an unwritten rule that any

holiday requires a brand new holiday wardrobe. The items bought are likely to be only worn on

holiday as our British climate just doesn’t allow for bikinis and beach dresses all year round,

unfortunately. So here’s some tips for buying a holiday wardrobe that won’t break the bank and

leave some extra cash for the much needed winter coat in months to come.

Work Out Which Wardrobe Essentials It’s Worth Splashing Extra Cash On

When buying your holiday wardrobe, you’re going to need the essentials such as t-shirts, shorts and

socks. In order to save yourself some money, use this guide to understand whether it’s worth

spending more money on an item or buying it cheaper, depending on how long it will last in terms of

general wear and tear. Usually shorts will last longer than socks, so spend more on a high quality

pair of shorts and less on some basic socks.

Be Savvy in the Sales

There are various times during the year when sales are on, and the summer sales are a big one.

These usually take place in high street shops and online from July to September, with items getting

even cheaper towards the end of September when the summer season is over. Always check the

sales first for any holiday wear, and be extra savvy by shopping for next summer in this year’s end of

season bargains. Trust me, you’ll save a lot of cash.

Recycle Your Current Clothes

Don’t feel like you have to buy everything for your holiday wardrobe. A great way to save some

money but still have plenty to wear is to reuse clothes from your last summer holiday, or even

better, recycle your current clothes and make them summer suitable. If you’ve got an old pair of

jeans that won’t last till the winter, get doing some DIY clothes altering and cut them down into a

brand new pair of shorts. You don’t have to be a pro to make yourself a great new item for your

summer holiday.

If you’re still struggling on a tight clothing budget along with paying for your fabulous holiday, don’t

panic, UK home and personal loans will ensure that your summer goes as smoothly and comfortably

as possible. Once you know the ways to buy a great holiday wardrobe on a budget you’ll be set for

life, and will look incredible on all those sun kissed holidays to come. So enjoy the beach and those

cocktails, while looking fabulous.

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