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Hosting the Perfect Bachelorette Party

So you’ve grown up with your best friend and now she’s getting married. As the Maid of Honor it’s your

job to plan the bachelorette party and you don’t want to let your BFF down. With a little time, a nice

glass of wine and some creative thinking, it isn’t too hard to plan a party that rocks. Here are some ideas from around the Web.

Book an All-Male Review

Hiring a male dancer has always been expected at a bachelorette party but why settle for just one when

you can have several good looking guys livening it up a bit on your friend’s last night as a single girl? In

the morning she will emerge a married woman but for tonight, it’s time to rock as a single. Some girls

get together with other brides-to- be in their city and book a private all-male review so that the

‘entertainment’ is affordable. You can find ideas for the best male review show and get really good pics

of the guys on Now if that won’t give you a night that rocks, what will?

Video Conference Friends from Around the Globe

One of the wonders of the modern digital world is that you can teleconference all your friends into the

party to celebrate along with you. Whether using Skype or some other program such as FaceTime,

everyone can get together in cyberspace if not in the real world. Let them watch the men in action, have

a few drinks where they are and toast the bride-to- be along with those who are in the room. If you

aren’t in a location that has a laptop or PC set up, not to worry. There are tons of video chat apps freely

available to work with your smartphone so no one need be left out.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Smart maids of honor know what a night of carousing can do to the bride’s good looks and so no one

wants to see black bags under her eyes and certainly not skin that is green from being sick after too

much to eat. One novel way to celebrate a bachelorette party is to take it around town in stages. Hit one

club for a drink and walk it off to a nice little all-night diner for a sandwich or at least a plate of fries.

Now you’re ready for your next stop. Hit another bar, stop at one of the girl’s houses for another morsel

of food and then it’s time for the next round. By keeping food in your system and a break between

drinks, you can ensure the bride isn’t overindulging and the fresh air between will keep her revitalized.

You see, it doesn’t exactly matter what you plan for this special night, what matters is keeping her

engaged in activities so she doesn’t have time to worry. A bunch of hunky men dancing just for her, a

few drinks, a series of walks and a couple stops for refreshments should keep her mind on the fun and

off the worries of the morrow. It’s her special night before her special day so keep her laughing, keep

her moving and tomorrow she’ll be the fairy book princess bride she’d always dreamed of being.

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