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Review :Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

  I love to wear makeup , especially when I'm going out and meet a lot of people. It brings me confidence and honestly I feel prettier. Maybe some of us understand about what I'm talking about.    A long time ago I've learned and realised how important is to remove all the makeup before I go to sleep because a clean skin is a healthy skin. It's important to let our skin breath during the night! Cleansing my skin and eyes is a ritual after a day wearing makeup. I tested a lot of different makeup removers from a lot of brands and I had already my favorites but from time to time I like to try something new.  This Gentle Eye Makeup Remover from Estee Lauder was a gift from a dear friend and I was thrilled when I got it. I had high expectations, I admit.  What Estee Lauder says :  "This gentle, lightweight formula works quickly and gently to remove powder eyeshadow and other eye makeup.  Sweeps away without leaving any oily residue, so you can reap

Yves Rocher Christmas Collection 2016

Christmas is coming and it's bringing one of the most delightful collections from Yves Rocher this year. Cranberry & almond, pear & cocoa, clementine & spices are the stars of this collection and it's almost impossible to not fall for at least one  this season.  Whichever you prefer, Yves Rocher will fill your house with a warm, cheerful scent. Just the way your holiday should be!  I bought some Christmas gifts for my loved ones and Yves Rocher products are found in every gift  for my lady friends.I hope they'll like this collection as much as I do!

Is Your Perfect Living Room Traditional, Modern, or Contemporary?

When you are renovating your living room, you have a range of different design ideas to choose from. Whether you choose to opt for a traditional, contemporary or modern design for your room depends largely on your personal décor taste and the kind of look which you are hoping for. Your living room should be a happy space where you and your family spend the majority of your time together, which is why it’s important to make sure that you invest some time into getting the perfect design. Traditional Designs A traditional living room design uses a range of vintage décor, antique furniture, and stunning traditional fabrics and patterns to provide the perfect space to chill out or entertain. Oak furniture is great for a traditional living room, with solid wood chairs, coffee tables and shelving finishing off the look. When it comes to textiles, opting for luxury fabrics for upholstery, cushions and throws is perfect for bringing your traditional living room together and making it cos

How to Plan a Romantic Babymoon

With a gorgeous ring on your finger from , you probably thought life couldn’t get much better. Until, that is, the pregnancy test kit turns pink or blue and you realize that in nine months’ time, two will become three. For many couples, having a baby is the icing on the cake of married life. Indeed, lots of couples get married precisely because they want to have kids together. You don’t need to get married to have a family, but in many societies, having children outside of marriage is frowned upon. Once children do come along, the cozy relationship you have with your other half will change dramatically. You won’t have the same amount of freedom and your bank account is likely to be severely depleted. It can be a real shock to the system, which is why a babymoon is the ideal way to share some special time with your partner before baby comes along. To help you ensure you have some quality bonding time with your beloved, here are some tips to help you plan a relax

Preparing Your Home Ready for the Winter

It may still be August, but it won’t be long until the days start to become shorter and the nights longer as the cold weather starts to creep back around. Even though here in the UK we don’t often get a lot of warm weather, the winter months can be significantly colder, with frozen pipes and draughts becoming commonplace for many homeowners. Thankfully, we’re at a time of year that’s perfect for preparing your home to be able to withstand the upcoming colder months, and there are many simple things that you can do to ensure that your house is a cosy haven of warmth, even on the coldest winter days. Upgrade Your Heating Upgrading your heating system is definitely a good idea when it comes to preparing your home for the winter, especially if your boiler, heaters and radiators are looking a bit worse for wear and haven’t been updated in a while. Upgrading your heating system not only means that you’ll be warmer at home during the winter months, it can also mean that you’ll save money

Boardroom Etiquette

Hi girls ,  Since I'm all day in a office , I was thinking about all the changes in office behaviour over the years. If now it's a semi-casual place where you have your laptop , few personal things and work documents, back in the days offices were stacked high with paperwork , people smoked in there and spend a lot of extra time working.  In the boardroom etiquette , changes are good during the years . Or so I think.  In our days we can find all kind of furniture for our work place , Calibre  Office Furniture has great boardrooms tables , office desks etc. In my opinion , it's very important to have a decent behaviour at the office and all those changes during the years it's for that. Now if you smoke or drink at your workplace , you won't be seen good (maybe even fired). Once upon a time meetings took place face-to-face , now we have skype and e-mails and we're always in a hurry. Ofcourse , it's better and quicker  to send an email than to ha

Tips for Buying a Holiday Wardrobe on a Budget

Holiday season is in full swing and everybody seems to be jetting off here, there and everywhere for a week or two on the golden sands of an exotic country. Every year we dream of these summer months when sat in the office; the weeks where we can relax carefree with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. It’s no secret that holidays are expensive and it’s an unwritten rule that any holiday requires a brand new holiday wardrobe. The items bought are likely to be only worn on holiday as our British climate just doesn’t allow for bikinis and beach dresses all year round, unfortunately. So here’s some tips for buying a holiday wardrobe that won’t break the bank and leave some extra cash for the much needed winter coat in months to come. Work Out Which Wardrobe Essentials It’s Worth Splashing Extra Cash On When buying your holiday wardrobe, you’re going to need the essentials such as t-shirts, shorts and socks. In order to save yourself some money, use this guide to understa

Planning a Cheap Outdoor Wedding in Surrey

Surrey is a beautiful place for a wedding. The weather is nice most of the time, especially around June to September. This means you can have a lovely summer or autumn outdoor wedding. If you still think an outdoor wedding would be out of your budget, then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can plan an affordable outdoor wedding in Surrey. Set a Budget & Pick a Venue When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, choosing the right venue is half the battle. A good outdoor venue should have everything you need for the special day, from a gorgeous landscape for the backdrop to the right kind of dirt or ground surface to avoid potential problems. In Surrey, there are a lot of gorgeous outdoor wedding venues to choose from. Before you start hunting for Surrey outdoor wedding venues, however, it is important to have a clear budget in mind. After all, you want the special day to be affordable. Take a closer look at how much you

Review : Age Defying with DNA Advantage Powder - Revlon

I'm always looking for the perfect foundation and powder for my sensitive oily skin. I found some great products but still looking and trying new products.  Revlon is a brand I love , their products have great quality for a decent price, so when I saw Age defying with DNA Advantage Powder I was curious. Revlon says : "Our ultra fine powder helps skin to feel conditioned and look luminous, minimizing the appearance of discoloration due to the signs of aging. This deluxe pressed powder glides on seamlessly and feels lightweight on skin. Skin looks smoother and conditioned and does not settle into fine lines, wrinkles and pores." This is a fragrance-free pressed powder with antioxidant from cherries, peptide and repairing ingredients. It's a really good powder, Revlon did a great job for this one too.  What I like : - Has a soft matte finish  - Controls oil  - Skin looks polished  without appearing dull or too powdered. I hate it when my face loo

Syoss Gloss Sensation - and I'm back!!

 Hello my dear ones , It's been a while since I wrote a review and I really missed it! I have a new job , live in a new city , I was stressed with life in general and I didn't have the time, inspiration to write.. I'm sorry about that because I love my blog , I miss you my beautiful readers and I miss the feeling I had when I said "I'm a beauty blogger" , I loved my hair color but when Syoss presented the new Gloss Sensation - a gentle colour without ammonia for a sensational glossy haircolor & visible improvement of the hair quality I was curious and it seemed a must have for me. I felt the need for a change ( cut my hair too). You know how it is girls , don't you? I choosed the shade "Dark Morello Cherry" hoping my color would be exactly the same as the girl from the box. Obviously , it's a bit different but similar , especially in natural light. Here you can see a before and after : In the box I found everything I needed

Hosting the Perfect Bachelorette Party

So you’ve grown up with your best friend and now she’s getting married. As the Maid of Honor it’s your job to plan the bachelorette party and you don’t want to let your BFF down. With a little time, a nice glass of wine and some creative thinking, it isn’t too hard to plan a party that rocks. Here are some ideas from around the Web. Book an All-Male Review Hiring a male dancer has always been expected at a bachelorette party but why settle for just one when you can have several good looking guys livening it up a bit on your friend’s last night as a single girl? In the morning she will emerge a married woman but for tonight, it’s time to rock as a single. Some girls get together with other brides-to- be in their city and book a private all-male review so that the ‘entertainment’ is affordable. You can find ideas for the best male review show and get really good pics of the guys on . Now if that won’t give you a night that rocks, what will? Video

How to Create a Luxurious Bedroom

Your bedroom is your place to escape to whenever you are feeling stressed, such as at the end of a long day of hard work. Therefore, you should definitely take the time to modernise your bedroom and design it in a way that will be beautiful, inviting, cosy, and luxurious. After all, you want to feel as though you are in the lap of luxury when you settle in for the night or when you simply want to relax and take it easy. Check out the tips below to get started. Make Sure That the Bed is the Focal Point of the Room Your bed should be the focal point of your bedroom , so you definitely do not want to neglect it when it comes to designing a luxurious space for yourself. In fact, your bed is the first area of the room that you should place your attention on when adding luxury to the room. If you have the budget and you need to replace your mattress or you are looking for a mattress that will support your body better so that you never wake up with pain again, you should definitely in