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December 07, 2015

Tips for losing weight

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Hi girls ,

Because this year I lost some pounds and I am still trying to get in shape , I wanna share some tips that helped me during this last months. I know how hard it is to loose weight , especially if you are a busy woman, with less time for yourself. But if you really want it , you'll succeed.

So here are some tips that helped me so far :
1. Before shopping, write a list with things you can/want to eat . I buy eggs, chicken breast, fat free dairy products,fish, vegetables and spices. You can add fruits or healthy food you like on the list. Make sure you don't buy junk food or things that you know you're not suposed to eat.
2. Cook healthy meals for yourself. Trust me , I know a lot of healthy and easy to cook recipes and I try to always have something cooked for me. Chicken with broccoli , carrots and cauliflower is one of my favorite dish!
3. Drink water! Drink water! Drink water! If you like , you can drink green tea as well as green tea has many health benefits you may not be aware of.
4. If you have a sweet tooth like me , try to find recipes without sugar , flour and vegetable oil in it. I love homemade chocolate made by me ( skim-milk powder , low fat cocoa , sweetener and some skim milk)
5. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and try to have healthy snacks. Reduce your portions .
6. Exercise! I admit I'm not a sports lover but I try to walk everyday . I'm thinking of starting an  exercise programme , here are my favorite ones :
I did this program a few years ago and it helped me to feel better . You can start with "Start walking:1 mile walk at home" 

7. Buy new clothes when you have results. I feel so much better when I see all my old clothes are too big now . 

I must admit I'm happier and very proud of myself , I have more weight to lose and I'm sure that I'll succeed! Hope you'll find your motivation and you'll lose those extra pounds you hate. 

Kisses ,

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