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Nonconformist Diva - Makeup & Hair

 Hi beautifuls,

I'm so happy that spring is here! I hope you'll get a lot of flowers from your loved ones, especially now , when Women's Day is coming.
Today's look - Nonconformist Diva is the result of a great collaboration with my favorite hairstylist Teodora ( she won the 1st place at Beauty Forum this year! Congrats!!) . She is the only one I trust with my hair so recently I asked her to cut 20 cm from my hair. I love my shorter hair, I feel younger and fresh ( here's a photo )

You can see me in action while Teodora worked her magic  :

Model: Andrada
For this makeup I used mostly Ofra Cosmetics products , I'm sorry that I don't have a photo with it.
I think this look is original and perfect for a party. Of course , to wear something like this you should have a lot of confidence and badass attitude.
 What do you think? I would love your feedback.

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