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Gifts I would love

Hi beauties,

Last week I came across to this article about how Experiences are more cost effective than traditional gifts and I thought a bit about this. I am so picky and I got so many gifts I disliked during the years even if I know they were sincere one. Some experiences gifts are perfect , at least you have a pleasant memory in the end. And if you have a lover/friend/mother/sister like me, pretentious and with a lot of things she already has , a traditional gift won't impress her.
Here are some ideas of Experience Gifts&Memories from IntoTheBlue :
Make-up Workshop

A lot of girls want to know how to apply make-up like a professional so if you're loved one is passionate about make-up , this kind of gift is perfect for her. 

Every girl I know wants to experience a professional photoshoot ( makeover , couples , family portrait etc) . A model for a day, sounds great, right?

Animal Experience
If your loved one is nuts about animals you can surprise her/him with a Wildlife Safari Padstow , Wolf walk experience etc.

If you'll browse the site , you'll find a lot of great ideas , from Wine tasting ,Balloon flights or City Breaks . I tell you , I'm already dreaming about a City Break in Paris!
The memories , the experience, the joy are things you'll remember for years! Or is just me that prefers fun time with my loved ones?


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