Make up tips for winter


As a fashion lover I always look out for things that are trendy and classy for my lips, make up that suits my face. And protecting skin from this dread cold weather is quite a difficult task. Extra attention and care is needed during the winter season. In winters, extra oil accumulates just below the surface of your skin and it tends to become relatively inactive and produces less moisture than before. And this results in dull and dry skin. With the change of weather your makeup also needs to be modified.
For women, the velvety shades are way to go this winter. You need to look more elegant and neat during winter the season. The understated shades and matte looks, such as dark brown, coffee and classy shades for eyes, and cherry tones for cheeks and lips, make you look more attractive and glamorous. Here are a few tips for this winter in case you want to explore more about your make up.
Tips to follow
1. Use blueberry and shades of copper color to darken your nails. It suits perfect for the season and looks amazing on short fingertip nails.
2. Winter always calls for defined and deep eyes so always use dark shades of liner along with upper lashes in lighter tone.
3. Avoid using darker shades of makeup, and try to keep it neutral such as grays, yellows and pinks
4. Try to use coloured mascara like burgundy, navy blue, and auburn rather than same boring black.
5. Keep your lips moisturized by using the right lip balm that has SPF in order to prevent them from being cracked. Also it is better to use bright lip gloss through out the day.
6. If you using nude shades on your lips, it is better to use a bit of sheen on your eye.
7. Make sure your foundation or the moisturizer contains broad spectrum sun protection in it.
8. A matte foundation with tinted powder will look great in winters.
9. You can draw attention by applying dark smoky eye make up.
10. Tinted lip balms, in strawberry, honey, and pink tones will look great this winter.
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