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December 07, 2015

Tips for losing weight

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Hi girls ,

Because this year I lost some pounds and I am still trying to get in shape , I wanna share some tips that helped me during this last months. I know how hard it is to loose weight , especially if you are a busy woman, with less time for yourself. But if you really want it , you'll succeed.

So here are some tips that helped me so far :
1. Before shopping, write a list with things you can/want to eat . I buy eggs, chicken breast, fat free dairy products,fish, vegetables and spices. You can add fruits or healthy food you like on the list. Make sure you don't buy junk food or things that you know you're not suposed to eat.
2. Cook healthy meals for yourself. Trust me , I know a lot of healthy and easy to cook recipes and I try to always have something cooked for me. Chicken with broccoli , carrots and cauliflower is one of my favorite dish!
3. Drink water! Drink water! Drink water! If you like , you can drink green tea as well as green tea has many health benefits you may not be aware of.
4. If you have a sweet tooth like me , try to find recipes without sugar , flour and vegetable oil in it. I love homemade chocolate made by me ( skim-milk powder , low fat cocoa , sweetener and some skim milk)
5. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and try to have healthy snacks. Reduce your portions .
6. Exercise! I admit I'm not a sports lover but I try to walk everyday . I'm thinking of starting an  exercise programme , here are my favorite ones :
I did this program a few years ago and it helped me to feel better . You can start with "Start walking:1 mile walk at home" 

7. Buy new clothes when you have results. I feel so much better when I see all my old clothes are too big now . 

I must admit I'm happier and very proud of myself , I have more weight to lose and I'm sure that I'll succeed! Hope you'll find your motivation and you'll lose those extra pounds you hate. 

Kisses ,

November 05, 2015

Today I love ... handmade harem pants

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Hello my darlings, 

I can't believe it's November already , I feel like yesterday was July and I was at the beach , relaxing and enjoying the Sea..  Oh, how I miss summer!!
These days I had the chance to discover a site with handmade bohemian chic clothing and I was amazed and I felt like it's summer again.
 One Tribe Apparel harem pants for women provide the ultimate in comfort and come in five distinct styles, each with multiple colors to choose from. Perfect for festivals, yoga, traveling, or staying comfy at home, these women's harem pants are guaranteed to be a frequent go-to in your wardrobe.

I'm telling you ,this pants are something else.. unique!! They are made from an incredibily thin material with vibrant prints and hand stitching so they must be hand-washed and dry in the shade, out of direct sunlight. For such beautiful prints, I think it's totally worth it.

You must see their tribal print leggings , I can only thing about how many cool outfits I would do with them.
So girls, if you are interested in some gorgeous handmade pants , with a lovely history behind , check their site. You won't get bored. at least you'll have an awesome wishlist ( for more photos , check their instagram too )

Have a lovely day!

April 19, 2015

How much is my face worth - Tag

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Hi Beauties , 

Anca tagged me ( thanks sweetie) to do this post and I'm super excited about it. Have you ever wondered how much your face worth? I've never actually counted up how much costs all of my make up products I wear on a daily basis. I thought this could be fun and a eye opener into how much I spend on make up. Ofcourse , you already know I have a lot of products and I don't use just the ones I show you today , but these are the ones for my everyday makeup.

Face :

  • I mix Ofra Cosmetics Silk Peptide Foundation with Revlon Colorstay for oily skin . = 160 lei + 45 lei = 205 lei 
  • Revlon Age Defying DNA advantage translucent - 47 lei 
  • Yves Rocher Youth Corrector Pen - 54 lei
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer - travel size -35 lei 
  • Sleek Aqua Collection Blush in Mirrored Pink - it was a limited edition , I really don't know if it's available anymore. - 30 lei
Eyes : 
  • Ofra Cosmetics Eye Gel Primer - 68 lei 
  • MUA Undressed Palette - this is a cheap but amazing eyeshadow palette . I love it! - 25 lei
  • Melkior Liquid Eyeliner - 39 lei 
  • Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara - 45 lei
  • MUA Eyebrow Kit  - 21 lei . 
I usually change my lipstick but I choose for this tag one of my everyday favourites : Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Wink for Pink 616) - 37 lei 

TOTAL : 606 lei /  £ 98,83 

So my face is worth 606 lei . Too expensive? Too cheap? I don't know but it was fun to find . I tag Diana , Cleopatra, Iguanitza, Romina and Aurora Toma for this tag . I'm curious too see your posts.
How much is your face worth?Feel free to leave a comment. :)

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April 14, 2015

Insta Week #2

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Hi beauties ,

First of all Happy Easter to everyone!!! I hope you have a great time with your loved ones and you really enjoy these days.
I had a busy week ( cooking , cleaning ) but I tried to post daily on Instagram .

A photo posted by Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) on

A photo posted by Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) on

A photo posted by Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) on

A photo posted by Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) on

A photo posted by Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) on

A photo posted by Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) on

A photo posted by Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) on

A photo posted by Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) on
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April 08, 2015

Insta Week #1

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Hi pretty ladies!

Finally I have an Instagram account and I'll publish Insta Week posts from now on. You can follow me if you want , I'll try to be more active there . The only problem I have with Instagram is the way it cropes my photos .. hate it!
Una foto publicada por Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) el

Una foto publicada por Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) el

Una foto publicada por Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) el

Una foto publicada por Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) el

Una foto publicada por Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) el

Una foto publicada por Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) el

Una foto publicada por Laura Opris (@opris.laura91) el

March 16, 2015

Welcome Spring - Makeup by me

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I love to be an makeup artist and it always brings me joy to see the happiness in womens eyes when they are ready. 
Today I'll show you some photos from my first photoshoot . Narcisa is such a sweet girl so we wanted a feminine and joyful look for her : 

Model: Narcisa

So what do you think? You like this look?
March 12, 2015

Gifts I would love

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Hi beauties,

Last week I came across to this article about how Experiences are more cost effective than traditional gifts and I thought a bit about this. I am so picky and I got so many gifts I disliked during the years even if I know they were sincere one. Some experiences gifts are perfect , at least you have a pleasant memory in the end. And if you have a lover/friend/mother/sister like me, pretentious and with a lot of things she already has , a traditional gift won't impress her.
Here are some ideas of Experience Gifts&Memories from IntoTheBlue :
Make-up Workshop

A lot of girls want to know how to apply make-up like a professional so if you're loved one is passionate about make-up , this kind of gift is perfect for her. 

Every girl I know wants to experience a professional photoshoot ( makeover , couples , family portrait etc) . A model for a day, sounds great, right?

Animal Experience
If your loved one is nuts about animals you can surprise her/him with a Wildlife Safari Padstow , Wolf walk experience etc.

If you'll browse the site , you'll find a lot of great ideas , from Wine tasting ,Balloon flights or City Breaks . I tell you , I'm already dreaming about a City Break in Paris!
The memories , the experience, the joy are things you'll remember for years! Or is just me that prefers fun time with my loved ones?

March 03, 2015

Nonconformist Diva - Makeup & Hair

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 Hi beautifuls,

I'm so happy that spring is here! I hope you'll get a lot of flowers from your loved ones, especially now , when Women's Day is coming.
Today's look - Nonconformist Diva is the result of a great collaboration with my favorite hairstylist Teodora ( she won the 1st place at Beauty Forum this year! Congrats!!) . She is the only one I trust with my hair so recently I asked her to cut 20 cm from my hair. I love my shorter hair, I feel younger and fresh ( here's a photo )

You can see me in action while Teodora worked her magic  :

Model: Andrada
For this makeup I used mostly Ofra Cosmetics products , I'm sorry that I don't have a photo with it.
I think this look is original and perfect for a party. Of course , to wear something like this you should have a lot of confidence and badass attitude.
 What do you think? I would love your feedback.
March 02, 2015

Happy Women's Day!! - Giveaway

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Hello my beautifuls , 

I want to celebrate Women's Day with you because you are all special to me and I'm so happy when I see your comments or views . I hope you'll be happy, cherised and spoilt by your loved ones more than usual.
I have 3 prizes for you from Farmec, a romanian brand I fancy : 
1st and 2nd prize :

- 3rd prize :

Rules :
- Follow me through GFC or email
- Like Farmec and Classyandpink Pages
- Share this giveaway
Leave a comment 

Deadline : 8 March

WINNERS 1st and 2nd prizes :
Raluca Andreea Moldoveanu
3rd prize
Claudya Mag

Please send me an email at with your contact details.
February 18, 2015

Make up tips for winter

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As a fashion lover I always look out for things that are trendy and classy for my lips, make up that suits my face. And protecting skin from this dread cold weather is quite a difficult task. Extra attention and care is needed during the winter season. In winters, extra oil accumulates just below the surface of your skin and it tends to become relatively inactive and produces less moisture than before. And this results in dull and dry skin. With the change of weather your makeup also needs to be modified.
For women, the velvety shades are way to go this winter. You need to look more elegant and neat during winter the season. The understated shades and matte looks, such as dark brown, coffee and classy shades for eyes, and cherry tones for cheeks and lips, make you look more attractive and glamorous. Here are a few tips for this winter in case you want to explore more about your make up.
Tips to follow
1. Use blueberry and shades of copper color to darken your nails. It suits perfect for the season and looks amazing on short fingertip nails.
2. Winter always calls for defined and deep eyes so always use dark shades of liner along with upper lashes in lighter tone.
3. Avoid using darker shades of makeup, and try to keep it neutral such as grays, yellows and pinks
4. Try to use coloured mascara like burgundy, navy blue, and auburn rather than same boring black.
5. Keep your lips moisturized by using the right lip balm that has SPF in order to prevent them from being cracked. Also it is better to use bright lip gloss through out the day.
6. If you using nude shades on your lips, it is better to use a bit of sheen on your eye.
7. Make sure your foundation or the moisturizer contains broad spectrum sun protection in it.
8. A matte foundation with tinted powder will look great in winters.
9. You can draw attention by applying dark smoky eye make up.
10. Tinted lip balms, in strawberry, honey, and pink tones will look great this winter.
I hope you will follow these tips to look great this winter and if you are bored to get out of your home in this chilled weather then it is better to sit at the comfort of your home and play online bingo. Today we have plenty of best bingo sites like GameVillage Bingo which is known for its unique games and user-friendly interface. So check out this amazing site today and have fun at GameVillage and do share your opinions about it.

January 24, 2015

Makeup and outfit for a night at the opera

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Hi Girls ,

Every year I say that I wanna go to the Opera but I don't know why I don't do that more often. I already have a lot of plays on my list and these days I read on ENO about La traviata , one of Verdi's masterpieces.

La traviata tells the moving story of how the beautiful but fragile courtesan Violetta is coerced into sacrificing her one hope of personal happiness for the sake of her lover’s reputation.
A tragic and resonant tale of society and morality, Verdi’s masterpiece combines compelling characters with hugely powerful, moving and instantly recognisable melodies, making it one of the most emotionally engaging and popular operas of all time. Peter Konwitschny’s celebrated production of La Traviata returns to ENO, cutting to the very heart of the opera’s themes of passionate love and tragic death with a modern and uncluttered staging, and a running time of less than two hours.

If you want to experience one of the world's most loved operas book your ticket now. Don't forget to be stunning when you'll go to the opera! Here is a makeup I would wear : 

And an outfit :

I love how everybody is so classy and elegant at the opera! It's a great ocasion to wear your new dress and shoes.

January 02, 2015

Fun Winter Warmers!

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We may well be in 2015 now (Happy New Year to you!), but we’re not quite out of the woods yet when it comes to winter weather! It’s too cold for many of us, but that doesn’t mean we need to be miserable and frozen until the first sign of spring! There are plenty of fun ways to cheer us up over the colder months, starting with these cute ideas…
Wrap Up!

Instead of dealing with extortionate heating bills, why not instead just wrap up warmer? Whilst many of us lament that this time of year makes us feel a lot frumpier in the way we dress, it’s actually a really fun time to experiment with layers and different styles and accessories. A staple coat (that’s built to last, like this lovely Joules jacket) is a perfect investment, as are accessories like the beanie pictured.
Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are the perfect way to keep ourselves cosy, especially on those nights when we’re shivering in our beds! If you’re having a bad day, feeling under the weather, or even just genuinely colder than cold, why not pick one up like this perfect Owl one from the awesome John Lewis?
Hot Chocolate By The Fire

Not got a fire? Not a problem. The hot chocolate is the star of this show, when you think about the yummy and delicious taste sensations it will inevitably bring. Whilst the January diets may well be in full swing, everyone deserves a treat from time to time, especially when shared with a loved one! These lovely hot choc gift sets from Argos are reduced right now, so why not grab a bargain while you can?
 Create A Warm Ambience

Missing the feeling of summer simply too much and can’t take the dreariness of this time of year, no matter how hard you try? A simple candle may well help do the trick. Sure, it won’t actually keep you PHYSICALLY warm, but it’ll definitely do the trick in creating a soothing, calming atmosphere reminiscent of brighter days. The aptly named Beach Walk by the lovely Yankee Candle should do the trick.
Eat Your Way To Warmth

Slow cookers like this one from Lakeland are the perfect way to warm up your life this winter! There are a ridiculous amount of recipes you can try to add a little excitement to your kitchen. And if you happen to overindulge? Oh well, the extra weight can help warm you up!

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