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Interesting Ways to Re-use Dead Flower

Flowers may look beautiful whilst they’re alive, but it’s a sad fact that they will eventually pass on to the big florist in the sky. However, just because your flowers have died, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their uses.
Here are some interesting ways you can re-use your flowers even after they’ve died…

Make potpourri
Making potpourri is probably one of the most obvious things to do with your dead flowers, but it’s also one of the most popular and most effective. Flowers smell great when they’re alive but they can still smell fantastic even after they’ve died and can make a lovely smelling air freshener for your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Potpourri is pretty easy to make – this article nicely explains how to do it.

Frame them
Framing dead flowers is a really interesting way of re-using them and can look fantastic if framed properly. Dry them out first and then either frame just the petals or you can do the whole flower; do it against a contrasting colour background (or white always works well) to really make them stand out. They look fantastic in pretty much any room of the house.

Jar the petals with a candle
Take the petals off the flower and place them in a glass jar along with a candle. When the candle is light, the petals will be beautifully illuminated. However, if the petals are dried out, remember to use an electric candle as otherwise there is a potential fire risk. This is becoming quite a popular way to give flowers at a funeral as the light in the candle is very symbolic, or can be done to regular funeral flowers once they die. For example the flowers from these wreaths from Flowers Same Day would look great even once they’ve died if put in a jar with a candle.

Put rose petals in tea or cakes
Rose petals are actually very flavoursome and can add a lovely scent and flavour to both tea and some cakes. You will need to wash the petals first, but putting a couple in a cup of hot water is a real treat.

Make cleaning products
If you want to make your own cleaning products then adding flower petals to them can give them a lovely scent. For example, you can make surface cleaner by blending a quarter cup of flower petals with one cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of salt. Experiment with different flowers’ petals for different results. Good Housekeeping has more info on making your own cleaning products.

Use them for compost or fertiliser
Out in the ‘wild’, dead flowers and plants are one of the main forms of nutrients for other flowers and plants and so you can help do your bit for the foliage food chain by using your dead flowers as compost or fertiliser to help other plants to grow. Simply place them around the base of other plants and as they decay they will feed the surrounding earth.

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