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Attending A Fashion Blogger Event

When you’re a blogger, there may well be times you might get invited to a blogger event. What a compliment! Whether it’s a big event or something a little more casual, these types of meet ups are a great idea to get people talking both to you and about you (in a good way, of course!) Big brands are always using these kind of events to promote their own stuff, and not only is it a nice way for them to get recognition, but also you, too! You’ll probably walk away with some free stuff as well, so it’s a win-win situation. Overall – good luck and have fun!
Prepare Before You Go
Let your followers know before you’re going that you’ll be at the event. Use the appropriate hashtag for the day to make friends, because it’ll help break the ice when it comes to actually getting there. Remember, everyone else will be as nervous as you are, but the intention is for you to enjoy yourself! So just be who you are and let your personality shine.
Smile & Have Style
Put a smile on your face and show you’re confident! You were ultimately chosen to attend because of your stand-out presence online, so just make sure it translates easily to real life. You can easily fake it, too, by following some tips. Also, as it’s a fashion event, you’ll want to carefully plan your outfit ahead of time. To be honest, providing you dress the way you want to come across, there’s no need to panic about things like money, or labels. Dress in a way that makes you feel best about yourself and everyone else should love you, too. If not – oh well, what do they know?!
Network, Network, Network!
Networking is so important, whether with your fellow bloggers (who’ll be important for your blogging future) or with the PRs that will probably be there. Introducing yourself with some cute business cards, or even some branded USB drives with more about you will like these will go a long way in getting you remembered for future events and opportunities.
Write Up About The Event

The reason you will have been invited would be to give a full, honest overview of what happened and what you did. This will drive traffic from other attendees, and it’ll be a time to showcase your talents, whether it’s writing or photography. Writing your piece promptly will show that you’re professional, reliable and sure to be used again! 

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