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Pin-up makeup by me

 Hi ladies , If you follow me on facebook , you already know that soon I'll be an certified makeup-artist . I'm so happy!! It's a dream come true for me and I'm learning so many things from Camelia , my makeup-trainer. I'll write a post about this experience so I won't give you more details now. On monday I have my exam so wish me good luck! Today you can see a pin-up makeup made by me during classes. Pin-up style is one of my favourite! I think every lady is gorgeous wearing this makeup and it's perfect for a special event. Products I used : Ofra Cosmetics Peptide Silk Foundation #3  Makeup studio concelear Makeup studio translucend powder Benefit Hoola Bronzer Ofra Cosmetics Blush and Highlighter Maybelline Exagerate Eye primer Crown brush eyeshadows Urban decay eyeshadows Ofra Cosmetics Eyeliner gel Farmasi lipstick # 45 MUA eyebrow kit                  You can see more make-up looks by me here . Like, please :) !

Attending A Fashion Blogger Event

When you’re a blogger, there may well be times you might get invited to a blogger event. What a compliment! Whether it’s a big event or something a little more casual, these types of meet ups are a great idea to get people talking both to you and about you (in a good way, of course!) Big brands are always using these kind of events to promote their own stuff, and not only is it a nice way for them to get recognition, but also you, too! You’ll probably walk away with some free stuff as well, so it’s a win-win situation. Overall – good luck and have fun! Prepare Before You Go Let your followers know before you’re going that you’ll be at the event. Use the appropriate hashtag for the day to make friends, because it’ll help break the ice when it comes to actually getting there. Remember, everyone else will be as nervous as you are, but the intention is for you to enjoy yourself! So just be who you are and let your personality shine. Smile & Have Style Put a smile on your face

For all the wool lovers out there..

Hi beautifuls, Because it's so cold and rainy outside , I want to buy some nice sweaters so I've searched until I found this site. I really found a lot of sweaters and cardigans for women and men that look great!  "Whether it's a cashmere and merino blend, silk and cotton blend, cotton and cashmere blend, lambswool or British wool, we have the cardigans women want . Full length or cropped, our womens cardigans come in a variety of styles including v-neck and crew neck. For a look that is warm, comfortable and versatile, every woman should have a cardigan as a staple piece in her wardrobe. With a wide range of colours available including rich autumn hues and light pastels, these knitwear pieces will keep you warm through winter, covered in spring and fashionable throughout  " - This convinced me, they have super quality and good price , even some special offers.  Here are some of my favourites : This one is perfect for Christmas, isn't it?

Holidays On A Budget

It seems like a pretty weird time of year to be talking about going on holiday, but so many of us do it throughout the colder months! Whether we want to escape to some sunshine, or even a wintery wonderland far more wondrous than our own, it really could be the perfect time. Of course, with so many Brits struggling even to afford the costs of holidays at the moment, but wanting to take them more than anything else , it’s also a good time to get booking for the months ahead. Like with most industries, just after Christmas and New Year will be a great time to book things, because there may well be some lovely January Sales… Use Comparison Sites Don’t just rely on the travel agent to sort you out – it’s 2014, after all! Some of the best deals can be found using sites like Kayak , or similar. You can create your own unique and bespoke package to suit all budgets and needs, and you’re free to do it at your own leisure. Read Reviews! Don’t just expect that the place you’ve booked i

Tips For A New You In The New Year

So many of us set resolutions at the start of every new year, each time determined that this is the one where we’ll make all the changes we’ve been wanting to make for a long time. Each year, many of us fail miserably and end up feeling worse than we ever did before. For 2015, why not start smaller? Make a few changes to help yourself feel better overall, and the rest should follow naturally! Look After Your Body Instead of focusing on losing weight, dropping a dress size and so on, what not just focus on getting to a point where you’re happy and comfortable with yourself this year? Sometimes all it takes is making time to treat it right! Getting in a bit of exercise, eating whatever you want (but in moderation) and generally listening to your body and its need to rest might be all it takes. When you’re feeling run down, massages can really help. According to this article , they can have many health benefits – so why not vow to treat yourself every so often this year?! Focus On

Interesting Ways to Re-use Dead Flower

Flowers may look beautiful whilst they’re alive, but it’s a sad fact that they will eventually pass on to the big florist in the sky. However, just because your flowers have died, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their uses. Here are some interesting ways you can re-use your flowers even after they’ve died… Make potpourri Making potpourri is probably one of the most obvious things to do with your dead flowers, but it’s also one of the most popular and most effective. Flowers smell great when they’re alive but they can still smell fantastic even after they’ve died and can make a lovely smelling air freshener for your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Potpourri is pretty easy to make – this article nicely explains how to do it. Frame them Framing dead flowers is a really interesting way of re-using them and can look fantastic if framed properly. Dry them out first and then either frame just the petals or you can do the whole flower; do it against a contrasting col