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Winter Wishlist

Hi beautifuls , 

Today I woke up with a shopping desire but I spend so much money lately and I can't afford spending more .  
First of all I would love to have good SEO for my website to be placed higher in search engine rankings. It's important and every online person knows it. Total Media is a digital agency offering media planning and buying , SEO , paid search , social media and strategic insight and research. They offer a great service and I think they could help any businesses or bloggers to be found more easily and placed higher in search engine rankings.
Batiste dry shampoos are indispensable for me. I had Batiste Blush and now I bought Batiste Tropical and I love it. I didn't understand why everybody is so excited about it until I try it. I want to try them all! 

You already know I love Jimmy Choo EDP , so is not a surprise that Jimmy Choo Stars is on my wishlist! ♥  This one was launched in 2014 .

Chocolate Bar from Too Faced is gorgeous!! I love all the shades and I will buy it at some point. It's quite expensive for my budget but when it's a must, it's a must.
I need a primer because I have oily eyelids. I had a mini size UD and I loved it. If you know a better one , please tell me.

I love Yankee Candles especially during winter , their perfume is so intense and a candle can be used a lot of times. I tried many brands but no one was better.

I had some vouchers for Newlook so I spend a lot of time searching for what to buy. I love their clothes and here are some items I wanna buy in the future :
This Tshirt is perfect for Christmas! Red , funny and with a penguin .These ankle boots are gorgeous but I don't know if I should buy it because I'm really tall. 
I must have this pink blazer and black coat. It's like I design them myself and I really think they'll suit me perfectly.

My last but important thing from my wishlist is a new Nikon Camera . Mine is broken so a new one would be perfect for me .
What do you think about my wishlist? Would you like to do a post about what I bought lately? 

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