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How to Create a Feminine Bathroom

A girl spends a great deal of time in the bathroom. Whether it’s washing their hair in the shower, putting on their make-up and checking what they look like in mirrors, or having a nice relaxing soak in the bath, most women spend at least half an hour both every morning and evening beautifying their selves. Creating a feminine bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find things on clearance or in the sales that will make the room look just as great. However, considering women spend more time in there than most men, it’s important it’s a place that women enjoy spending time in. Sometimes sharing a bathroom with a partner can affect how a bathroom looks; it can look plain and boring, meaning you want to spend as little time in there as possible. So we've put together a step-by-step guide on how to create a feminine bathroom to help you out.
Step 1
First you need rough idea of how you want your bathroom to look. Decide what overall style you want from your bathroom. Look on the likes of
Pinterest and home interior websites for inspiration. Once you’ve found an inspiration piece you can focus on it and it will help you with the next few steps. Make sure you love the inspiration piece as it will inspire you with your other choices. You may need to adapt it to suit your preferences and ensure it is practical.
Step 2
Next you need to decide what
colour scheme you would like in your bathroom. Choose soft colours that are graceful and feminine to help create a room that is soft and warm. This will help you to create a room which you can relax in and unwind after stressful days when you just want to jump in the bath.
Step 3
Create a feature wall. Feature walls have become very popular in modern households. You could use luxurious mosaic tiles on one wall teamed with a pastel coloured paint on the others. Vintage looking wallpaper also looks great to extenuate the walls. It’s a great way to create a feminine vibe that also feels glamorous.
Step 4
Create soft lighting your bathroom. This gives the room a romantic aura and is great for then you want to spend some 'you time' enjoying a bit of pampering. For this it might be worth installing a dimmer as you don’t want a make-up mishap because you can’t see properly. Then you can change the light depending on what you are doing.
Step 5
The next step is the exciting bit…furniture shopping! This normally depends on the colour scheme and style you are aiming for. Check out products that offer
storage solutions (after all us girls are known for being hoarders) and shop around to find the most stylish, affordable pieces that will help you to achieve the bathroom you are aiming for. It's worth spending that extra time shopping around to create your perfect bathroom.
Step 6
Fill it with gorgeous girly accessories and ornaments. Use mirrors, gorgeous scents such as diffusers, quotes that inspire you for the day ahead and other pieces such as flowers and storage boxes full of all your beauty goods are great to store in your bathroom. Make the most of all the space you have including under the sink and behind the door if you have a small bathroom. You’ll be left with a bathroom that makes you feel great for being female. Your partner will just have to cope with the girlyness because ‘he loves you’

I would love a modern bathroom with a big mirror , storage for my make up products and towels , a lot of scented candles and girly accesories.  
How would look your perfect bathroom? 

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