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Moschino Cheap and Chic EDP vs Dsquared 's She Wood EDP

Hello girls , 

I wake up early today because I really want you to read about two fabulous perfumes I discovered recently. I'm talking about Moschino Cheap and Chic eau de parfum and Dsquared²'s She Wood eau de parfum . First of all , I admit that I'm inlove with Cheap and Chic collection line from Moschino , I have at least 5 items on my wishlist and that's why I was happy when I tried Cheap and Chic perfume for the first time. 
Dsquared is prefered by my brother , I saw some cool items and accesories for men but the She Wood Perfume has a really nice, feminine modern scent. If the Moschino line is on my wishlist for clothes , Dsquared perfume is prefered by me . 

"A woman of style (certainly not a fashion victim!) Olive Oyl is the inspiration behind Moschino's bottle of Cheap and Chic. The fragrance witty, fun and attuned to the diffusion line of Cheap and Chic fashion. Formal, informal, young, mature, whatever ... but definitely sensuous. Sparkling and bright with the notes of bergamot, cyclamen, peony and jasmine, the fragrance warms to the base notes of sandalwood, vetyver and amber. Olive Oyl dressed to kill with a fresh and floral aroma."

I really loved Olive Oyl when I was little and maybe that's why I love the bottle of this perfume so much. I think it's chic, original and draws attention to itself. The scent of this perfume is fresh , flirty and sexy but it doesn't last for too long on my skin. ( Or I don't feel it ) .
In my opinion this is a great scent for  women who want a floral fresh with a little vanilla perfume that makes them  feel young despite their age . For me it's one of those perfumes that either you love it or you hate it . To be honest, sometimes I think it smells a bit like a hair-spray and that's why I prefer the She Wood. 
Price : £36  for 50 ml
"Dsquared²'s She Wood perfume is a scented interpretation of nature’s vital and seductive elements... highly distinctive, radiant and inebriating. Wood, the theme and character of the perfume, reveals a sensual lifeblood that flows through the heart of the essence, warmed by rays of light that symbolise the head notes. Dean and Dan opt for a creative freedom in this scent, which brings a refined harmony of three chords: light, sap and wood."

If I love the Chic and Cheap bottle , the She Woods bottle doesn't impress me very much. It's elegant and cute but nothing spectacular. 
The scent is unique that's why I prefer it. It's strong , woody , spicy , sexy and lasts for hours on my skin. I really feel the violets and the vetiver cedar and I like that. This is not a perfume for shy girls , it's strong , a little bit masculine but in a good way , it really gives you confidence when you wear it.
Price : £56 for 50 ml

Even if I love the bottle of Cheap and Chic perfume and has a good price, my favorite it's She Woods for it's unique scent. 

Laura M.

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