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October 17, 2014

Moschino Cheap and Chic EDP vs Dsquared 's She Wood EDP

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Hello girls , 

I wake up early today because I really want you to read about two fabulous perfumes I discovered recently. I'm talking about Moschino Cheap and Chic eau de parfum and Dsquared²'s She Wood eau de parfum . First of all , I admit that I'm inlove with Cheap and Chic collection line from Moschino , I have at least 5 items on my wishlist and that's why I was happy when I tried Cheap and Chic perfume for the first time. 
Dsquared is prefered by my brother , I saw some cool items and accesories for men but the She Wood Perfume has a really nice, feminine modern scent. If the Moschino line is on my wishlist for clothes , Dsquared perfume is prefered by me . 

"A woman of style (certainly not a fashion victim!) Olive Oyl is the inspiration behind Moschino's bottle of Cheap and Chic. The fragrance witty, fun and attuned to the diffusion line of Cheap and Chic fashion. Formal, informal, young, mature, whatever ... but definitely sensuous. Sparkling and bright with the notes of bergamot, cyclamen, peony and jasmine, the fragrance warms to the base notes of sandalwood, vetyver and amber. Olive Oyl dressed to kill with a fresh and floral aroma."

I really loved Olive Oyl when I was little and maybe that's why I love the bottle of this perfume so much. I think it's chic, original and draws attention to itself. The scent of this perfume is fresh , flirty and sexy but it doesn't last for too long on my skin. ( Or I don't feel it ) .
In my opinion this is a great scent for  women who want a floral fresh with a little vanilla perfume that makes them  feel young despite their age . For me it's one of those perfumes that either you love it or you hate it . To be honest, sometimes I think it smells a bit like a hair-spray and that's why I prefer the She Wood. 
Price : £36  for 50 ml
"Dsquared²'s She Wood perfume is a scented interpretation of nature’s vital and seductive elements... highly distinctive, radiant and inebriating. Wood, the theme and character of the perfume, reveals a sensual lifeblood that flows through the heart of the essence, warmed by rays of light that symbolise the head notes. Dean and Dan opt for a creative freedom in this scent, which brings a refined harmony of three chords: light, sap and wood."

If I love the Chic and Cheap bottle , the She Woods bottle doesn't impress me very much. It's elegant and cute but nothing spectacular. 
The scent is unique that's why I prefer it. It's strong , woody , spicy , sexy and lasts for hours on my skin. I really feel the violets and the vetiver cedar and I like that. This is not a perfume for shy girls , it's strong , a little bit masculine but in a good way , it really gives you confidence when you wear it.
Price : £56 for 50 ml

Even if I love the bottle of Cheap and Chic perfume and has a good price, my favorite it's She Woods for it's unique scent. 

Laura M.
October 16, 2014

What Props to use in your Autumn Photography

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Using props in a photo shoot always adds a really interesting element to the photos as they add a personal aspect to them, and they’re also great for helping the person on camera feel a little more relaxed and natural.
If you have a photo shoot booked and it’s coming up soon, or you’re starting to look into companies like Venture that offer great shoots, we’ve come up with some inspiration regarding what props to use in a great autumn shoot.
Leaves are the obvious choice and they do really work wonders in an autumn themed photo shoot. The amazing colours and varieties that you can find can work well for any complexion/hair colour and for any age range. Use one or two ‘statement’ ones or go for a whole pile to walk through, throw or lie in for a really lovely, pretty autumn feel. 

An ultimate autumn staple is the pumpkin, especially as they’re not just limited to Halloween with amazing pumpkin recipes cropping up almost everywhere at this time of year (also great for knowing what to do with them after the shoot!). Photos of pumping carving can be really sweet, yet they work really well without any gimmicks due to the bright colours and block shapes. 

Channel British fashion when it comes to our weather and use an umbrella in your shoot. These can make for really romantic shoots or for sweet family photos if you’re all huddled together under one really big one. You could give little ones their own one too which will look cute, complete with matching rain coat and wellies for the full effect.
Wellington boots
Autumn is the ideal time for jumping in puddles and leaves, so wellies are a must! Little ones look adorable in wellies and they’ll absolutely love getting the chance to jump around in puddles and leaves getting messy.
Conkers and pine cones
Make a real occasion of going pine cone or conker picking as a family by incorporating them in your autumn family photo shoot. Using them to play a game is a really good way to create natural looking photos which will be great too if you’d rather showcase your family’s true personality rather than just having staged photos.

Apples, like pumpkins, seem to get really popular at this time of year and they make the perfect addition to an autumn photo as a result. Whether you want to go for toffee apples on sticks, barrels of apples or photos of you and your family apple picking, they make for really sweet photos that will have that cosy ‘apple pie’ feeling.
Cosy blankets/jumpers
Perfect for photo shoots in autumn featuring newborn babies or toddlers’, using a cosy blanket is the perfect way to give a photo that cosy and warm feel. Cosy blankets or big jumpers also make great additions to family or couple’s autumn photograph thanks to the romantic feeling they create, too. 

October 06, 2014

5 things that improved my life

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As a beauty blogger I am always in search of great products in order to make my life easier and better. Before starting this blog and studying more about skincare , beauty products , make-up and things related to this , I didn't know what a big difference it can do. For example , at 19 years old I had severe dermatitis , a different opinion about make-up and dull hair. But all of this changed in one day.
 I'm really happy that I decided to be a blogger, I don't think I'm a talented writer and sometimes it's hard for me to find my words , but at least I try. This is something I encourage you to do , try to surpass yourself. It's the only way you'll improve and become a better person.
So the first thing that changed my life for the better, in the last few years,is my blog . I never imagined how much happiness this blog will bring me , some great friends and now a flatmate. I am proud of my accomplishments even if my blog isn't the best or the most read.

Make-up , skin care and hair care products are the second factor that improved my life. I'm happier because I know so much more about the good and bad ingredients in cosmetics, I recognize my complexion's needs and with make-up I'm able to look good even if I have a bad day. For example , Tangle Teezer is the only brush that detangles my hair properly , Bioderma Sensibio H2O is my favorite make-up remover because is super gentle and asian BB-creams improved my skin .

The third thing that improved my life is the fact that I work. For a short period of time I had a job that I disliked but now it's better , I like my current job and it keeps me busy. I'm in a bad mood when I have no occupation , I'm angry and quite unhappy.

Hanging out with friends or people I like was important for me because I had some bad moments in the last year, when everything just seemed so difficult . That helped me to stay positive and have confidence in myself.  It really helped that I was able to share my problems , happiness and thoughts with someone. I even start new friendships with some very nice people. I really like spending time with my friends . A day in the park , at a cocktail or a concert is perfect for me. Now I would love to go at the O2 Arena , maybe I'll buy some Alt J Tickets for January. Since I work for a British company , London is the city to go and O2 Arena has many concerts I would love to see.
My family is the main factor in keeping my life happy and God blessed me with two wonderful parents and a loving brother . I am more than thankful for my family. They offer me love , support and advice. anytime I need.

       What things improved your life?

Hugs and kisses,
Laura M

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