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September 26, 2014

Today I love : Jimmy Choo EDP

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Hello girls ,

I missed you and my blog so I decided to start writing again! Did you missed me?  In the last 3 months I experimented a lot of changes in my life and I hope things will be better in time.
In this post I present you my most loved perfume : Jimmy Choo EDP . I received the "baby" Jimmy Choo  last spring and I loved it so much that I needed to buy a full size bottle. 

Why I love Jimmy Choo EDP? 
It's strong, feminine , elegant , seductive , glamorous and extravagant , all in one! On my skin it lasts for hours and I feel it on my clothes even after a few days.
The bottle is nice and elegant but not very spectacular.For me this is not a problem. The packaging is elegant  and draws attention to itself.

The seductive composition is a modern chypre fruity, with green top notes, tiger orchid as middle notes, sweet toffee caramel and Indonesian patchouli as base notes.

Next time I should get the 100 ml bottle because it always puts me in a good mood and reminds me of nice moments. It will always be on my top 3 perfumes , wishlist and "must have" products. Lately I prefer to have backups for the things I love. 

What do you love today? Maybe it's not a perfume , a lipstick or a mascara but I'm sure it's something that gives you comfort and happiness every day. I don't want to seem shallow , I know that not things are the ones that count in life , but it sure can do it better and happier.


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