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Nails of the week : Mint & Pink

Hello beautifuls , 

Lately I tried to do my nails once or twice a week and even if I'm not very good with manicures , I want to show you some products I use often and two beautiful nailpolishes. 
Re-Fresh Mint from China Glaze is such a perfect nailpolish for summer and Wilted Rose from Farmec brings a little sweetness to the manicure . I must confess , this is the first time I used these two together . I'm not really a nailpolish addicted , maybe because I'm not talented. 

Products I used : 
 I am inlove with Trind products!! They are amazing and help me so much . My nails are stronger and bigger since I use them. I'll try to do a review.
Farmec and Flormar are ok , not the best but not the worst either. The quick dry spray from Farmec is really good, you should try it if you have the chance.

What colour of naipolish do you prefer in the summer? 

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