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May 28, 2014

I'm a digital diva!!

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Hello beautifuls ,

In the next month , my blog celebrates three years!! I'm so proud and happy!! I want to thank you all that you were by my side during my journey.

I have one more good news : My blog is nominated at Digital Divas in the Best Beauty Blog category . 

I really love my blog and I love you , my readers! To thank you all , I'll do some giveaway in the next period, so stay close!
May 16, 2014

Nails of the week : Mint & Pink

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Hello beautifuls , 

Lately I tried to do my nails once or twice a week and even if I'm not very good with manicures , I want to show you some products I use often and two beautiful nailpolishes. 
Re-Fresh Mint from China Glaze is such a perfect nailpolish for summer and Wilted Rose from Farmec brings a little sweetness to the manicure . I must confess , this is the first time I used these two together . I'm not really a nailpolish addicted , maybe because I'm not talented. 

May 02, 2014

.How I succeed to have perfect skin

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Hello my ladies ,

Lately everybody asks me what I do to have such a beautiful and perfect skin , without acne , scars and seborreic dermatitis . You read in some of my blog posts that I had these problems and this is one of the reasons I started my blog. When I had skin problems I was so sad and my self esteem was lower , I always used a lot of makeup to cover them . If you had similar problems you know what it feels like.
My skin is much better now than few years ago .I know how to take care of my skin and what to do when it is damaged or acne appears.

 One of my miracle solutions to my problems is chemical skin peel . Can you imagine that three years ago I didn't know what this means ? In a few words , chemical skin peel is a highly effective way to reduce the damage caused by ageing ,acne and acne scarring,  enlarge pores , age spots , dark areas and sun damaged skin . It will exfoliate your skin and encourages collagen production and cell renewal.

In my opinion this is a pain free and gentle treatment but it sure helps so much . For example , when my younger brother has these similar problems, I apply the treatment to his skin and a few days later , his face looks brand new . He is lucky to have a sister that knows how to help him in need, right?

I highly recommend this kind of treatment if you have fine lines that you want to erase off your face. A friend of mine has 30 but looks like 25 years old after she used this type of treatment . Of course , you can't have 60 and expect to look 40 after some treatments , it's better to keep your expectactations realistic .

If you decide to try this metod , I found an excelent blog where you can read an entire article about chemical peels . The blog has also a lot of pages wich is very informative for everyone who has interesed in himself .

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