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Spa Treatments to get ready for Spring/Summer

We all know that in the spring and summer our skin needs a special care because it's exposed to the sun. Women know this and besides moisturizers with SPF , they go to Spa Treatments . 
It's so refreshing and relaxing to spend a few days at Spa . My opinion is that you should take a whole weekend for Spa by booking into a hotel to enjoy the experience.

You should consider moisturizing facial masks . It will make your skin look glowing and healthy. I preffer mud, seaweed or chocolate masks.
From my experience , it's always more fun to go with a friend at Spa . During the treatments you could enjoy a glass of champagne , good music and gossips .

 You can improve your positive energy by having relaxing massage at scalp, neck and back . It really makes you feel calm and refreshed.
 Massage therapy is one of the oldest metods of healing , known for it physical and mental benefits : relaxes the whole body ,reduces mental stress , enhaces skin tone ,calms the nervous system ,promotes restful sleep eg.

You could enjoy couples massages if you and your partner want a break from cotidian activities. After one weekend into a nice hotel with Spa , your relationship will definitely get happier . Couples massage is like an aphrodisiac!! 

In this season our manicure and pedicure must be impecable. You should try pastel colours or neon shades if you are bold enough .  Some flowers in the water , perfumed candles , a glass of a fine drink and some magazines would introduce you in the Spa atmosphere.

Take good care of your body and spirit! Take a break and dedicate to yourself from time to time , do things that you love and start every season with positive thoughts .
I just planned for myself some days at Spa because I think I deserve to be spoiled! Every girl should have some days for pampering and relaxation.
How often do you take some days off just for yourself ?

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