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Making an Impression

When I go to a Beauty, Spa or Salon, I always pay attention to the people who work there. It's important that they look professional but stylish. I admire the workers who wear nice uniforms, make-up and have a cool hairstyle. This shows me that I can trust their services and it's a good chance I'll be visiting them again.

Unfortunately, not every salon has nice and professional uniforms for workers and that can diminish the client's trust.

For those who consider professionalism a priority I've looked up some examples for how their uniform should look like. Here are some tunics for women:

Pants :

It's very important to feel comfortable in your shoes so I recommend some flats or with short heels. When you have high-heels it's difficult to stay on your feet for hours straight. 

Me, as a client I would love to feel comfortable when I go to Spa. A robe, some slippers, head-bend and soft towels will do the trick for me.

If you work in the beauty trade and want good quality uniform and equipment to impress your clients, check out Alexandra.

Does the uniform and effort the employees make help with your overall experience? What things make you enjoy the overall experience of a treatment?

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