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Anniversary Gifts: How to Buy Thoughtful & Unique Gifts that Your Spouse Will Love

Anniversaries are a special way of remembering and honoring life’s special occasions.
In fact, the celebration of each wedding anniversary is typically associated with traditional gift ideas that feature a particular material, such as silver, gold, china or lace. For example, traditionally brides and grooms give each other gifts made of paper for the first anniversary, cotton for the second anniversary and leather for the third.
When it comes to the best anniversary gift ideas for today’s modern couple, the best anniversary gifts are important mementos that are an outward expression of how much the couple cares for each other – or how much the gift giver cares for the couple.
For a modern couple who wants to give appropriate and imaginative gifts -- to make each milestone more memorable, use the following gift ideas to honor the celebrants, your marriage and your special day!

First Anniversary Ideas - Paper

Papers, such as notecards or stationery, are the traditional first-anniversary gifts. To take this idea to the next level -- be creative. Include in your gift to your bride or groom a newspaper from your wedding day or a subscription to his or her favorite magazine. Also, a photo album that highlights your courtship and your wedding day is a traditional and memorable gift idea.

10th Anniversary Ideas – Diamond Jewelry

When you don’t know what to gift your bride on her 10th wedding anniversary, remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. A diamond brooch, a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond bracelet are great gifts to put a smile on your wife’s face and celebrate your diamond anniversary in style.
If you want to give yourself a gift that you both can enjoy, consider upgrading your wedding bands. You can ask your jeweler to add stones to your existing ring, or trade up to a diamond band that gives you pleasure year round.

25th Anniversary Ideas – Silver

For a married couple, reaching their silver anniversary is an important milestone in their lives.
Celebrate their togetherness by gifting the happy couple with silver candlesticks, silver dinnerware or unique silver pieces of jewelry.
Or, if the couple prefers special events to lavish gifts, send them to a spa for a relaxing massage or throw them a silver anniversary party. Ask party guests to toast the couple with silver champagne flutes and wear silver party hats to reinforce the 25th anniversary theme.

50th Anniversary Ideas – Gold

For this 50th anniversary, think like the Romans. When using Roman numerals, L is the symbol for the number 50. Instead of purchasing fine gold jewelry, you can give the couple matching lapis bracelets. If the happy couple is your mom and dad, you can write them a letter and tell them how their longstanding love has inspired you.
If you want to take a trip for your 50th anniversary, you can plan a visit to the 50th state in the Union – Hawaii. Tell your wife or husband that you have planned a trip filled with the promise of romance and adventure.

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