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Review Daisy Black Edition by Marc Jacobs

 I love perfumes , they are my first love , before makeup, bags or other girlie things. All the fragrances that I have remind me of nice moments in the past . Daisy by Marc Jacobs is one of my favourites , its scent suits me perfectly. Fresh , feminine, sweet and light, it's a nice fragrance for every season but I prefer it for spring , summer and early autumn. In the winter time I prefer some bold scents. First of all , I adore the bottle and the daisies attached to its lid. It looks chic, expensive and sophisticated . Like all the Marc Jacobs fragrances , it drawns attentions to itself .

5 Upcycling Myths

Upcycling has become a bit of a buzzword over the last couple of years. It refers to a specific type of recycling, where someone alters an item to improve it, such as by decorating old furniture in a different way or changing it so it can be used for a different purpose. It can be a good way to obtain something unique. People think upcycling is 'cheap' I can't honestly say that this is a complete myth, because there are always people who think that new is better than old. Those people should take a trip to Stonehenge or to Paris to see the Mona Lisa. However, for every person who thinks you're just trying to save a few pounds, there will be several who appreciate that you're avoiding waste and creating something wonderful. Upcycling gives you an opportunity to give somebody a gift that's made just for them.

Anniversary Gifts: How to Buy Thoughtful & Unique Gifts that Your Spouse Will Love

Anniversaries are a special way of remembering and honoring life’s special occasions. In fact, the celebration of each wedding anniversary is typically associated with traditional gift ideas that feature a particular material, such as silver, gold, china or lace. For example, traditionally brides and grooms give each other gifts made of paper for the first anniversary, cotton for the second anniversary and leather for the third. When it comes to the best anniversary gift ideas for today’s modern couple, the best anniversary gifts are important mementos that are an outward expression of how much the couple cares for each other – or how much the gift giver cares for the couple. For a modern couple who wants to give appropriate and imaginative gifts -- to make each milestone more memorable, use the following gift ideas to honor the celebrants, your marriage and your special day!

The wedding party

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Spa Treatments to get ready for Spring/Summer

We all know that in the spring and summer our skin needs a special care because it's exposed to the sun. Women know this and besides moisturizers with SPF , they go to Spa Treatments .  It's so refreshing and relaxing to spend a few days at Spa . My opinion is that you should take a whole weekend for Spa by booking into a hotel to enjoy the experience.

The dos and don’ts of plastic surgery abroad

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for celebrities any more. It’s accessible to everyone, young and old, hoping to enhance their looks and feel good about themselves. But with so many procedures taking place and stories of complete body and face transformations hitting the media  (for the right and wrong reasons) on a weekly basis, are we in danger of forgetting the risks associated with going under the knife?

Making an Impression

When I go to a Beauty, Spa or Salon, I always pay attention to the people who work there. It's important that they look professional but stylish. I admire the workers who wear nice uniforms, make-up and have a cool hairstyle. This shows me that I can trust their services and it's a good chance I'll be visiting them again. Unfortunately, not every salon has nice and professional uniforms for workers and that can diminish the client's trust. For those who consider professionalism a priority I've looked up some examples for how their uniform should look like. Here are some   tunics for women : Pants : It's very important to feel comfortable in your shoes so I recommend some flats or with short heels. When you have high-heels it's difficult to stay on your feet for hours straight.  Me, as a client I would love to feel comfortable when I go to Spa. A robe, some slippers, head-bend and soft towels will do the trick for me. I

A Beautiful Bond

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