Spring Fur Tips From Fashion Experts


Heavier, luxurious materials such as fur and leather are no longer used in designs for the winter months and cold weather. Designers have introduced fur trims to upcoming spring and summer collections. This delightful twist on traditional winter fur accents is similar to many other high fashion trends.
There are several expert fashion tips from top designers that can help fur (or faux fur) fashion lovers make the right statement year-round.
Tip #1: What Furs Should Be Stored In Warmer Months?
The essence of spring and summer fashion is to keep things lightweight. Keep fresh, light fur pieces around this spring and summer.  Store bulky or full-length furs used to stay warm in a fur storage facility to ensure that they will not be damaged.
Tip #2:  What Furs Should Be Worn Year-Round?
Wear layering pieces when days are warm but nights are still a little chilly, such as stoles, cropped jackets, and light vests that have lighter colors. Add small fur charms to a bag or hat on hot days, and treat small fur pieces as accessories. Fur can be worn on warm spring and summer days as well as on chilly spring evenings.
Tip #3:  When Is the Last Day of the Year to Wear Fur?
In 2014, fur is quickly becoming a material that can be worn all seasons. New, lightweight fur wraps can be perfect to wear to evening events on the beach or to a late-night summer gala. Fur can add the right amount of glamour to many different evening and daytime looks, even if it is worn to combat the chill from sitting in a highly air conditioned office or theater.
Tip #4:  How Can Fur Work with Summer Outfits?
Pair fur with something unexpected to keep things fun and light.  For example, wear a knitted mink vest over a tank top, or pair it with shorts.  Fur can be a great summer accessory rather than a statement piece.
Tip #5: How Does One Successfully Break the Rules of Fashion?
Fur in the spring and summer is all about breaking traditional fashion rules and having fun! Wearing fur in the spring and summer is not traditional. Run with new ideas and do not be afraid to mix and match textures.
Tip #6: How Does One Keep Spring and Summer Fur Glamorous?
Fresh is one of the biggest buzzwords in fashion.  Keep things light and fun instead of relying on outdated fashion trends. Wearing fur year-round is intended to be glamorous and carefree. There is no formula equivalent to wearing the right little black dress with the right stilettos.  This type of glamour is highly individualistic.
Tip #7: What Are the Best Spring Furs and Colors?
Rabbit, sheared furs, and knitted mink are all ideal for spring fur fashions. Look for fun pastel colors like yellow, green, white, and pink. Do not be afraid of bold fur colors that will make a bold statement.
Be the Ultimate Fashionista with Spring and Summer Furs
The key to wearing spring and summer fur fashions is to be bold.  The fashion industry is changing faster than ever before.  Take new ideas, and run with them. Show beauty, glamour, and creativity with fresh fur fashions year-round. Fur is a timeless staple of any wardrobe, and has taken the lead in many movies over the years. Check out the graphic below to see the most iconic furs in classic films.
Iconic Fur in Film Infographic
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