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March 28, 2014

Spring Fur Tips From Fashion Experts

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Heavier, luxurious materials such as fur and leather are no longer used in designs for the winter months and cold weather. Designers have introduced fur trims to upcoming spring and summer collections. This delightful twist on traditional winter fur accents is similar to many other high fashion trends.
There are several expert fashion tips from top designers that can help fur (or faux fur) fashion lovers make the right statement year-round.
Tip #1: What Furs Should Be Stored In Warmer Months?
The essence of spring and summer fashion is to keep things lightweight. Keep fresh, light fur pieces around this spring and summer.  Store bulky or full-length furs used to stay warm in a fur storage facility to ensure that they will not be damaged.
Tip #2:  What Furs Should Be Worn Year-Round?
Wear layering pieces when days are warm but nights are still a little chilly, such as stoles, cropped jackets, and light vests that have lighter colors. Add small fur charms to a bag or hat on hot days, and treat small fur pieces as accessories. Fur can be worn on warm spring and summer days as well as on chilly spring evenings.
Tip #3:  When Is the Last Day of the Year to Wear Fur?
In 2014, fur is quickly becoming a material that can be worn all seasons. New, lightweight fur wraps can be perfect to wear to evening events on the beach or to a late-night summer gala. Fur can add the right amount of glamour to many different evening and daytime looks, even if it is worn to combat the chill from sitting in a highly air conditioned office or theater.
Tip #4:  How Can Fur Work with Summer Outfits?
Pair fur with something unexpected to keep things fun and light.  For example, wear a knitted mink vest over a tank top, or pair it with shorts.  Fur can be a great summer accessory rather than a statement piece.
Tip #5: How Does One Successfully Break the Rules of Fashion?
Fur in the spring and summer is all about breaking traditional fashion rules and having fun! Wearing fur in the spring and summer is not traditional. Run with new ideas and do not be afraid to mix and match textures.
Tip #6: How Does One Keep Spring and Summer Fur Glamorous?
Fresh is one of the biggest buzzwords in fashion.  Keep things light and fun instead of relying on outdated fashion trends. Wearing fur year-round is intended to be glamorous and carefree. There is no formula equivalent to wearing the right little black dress with the right stilettos.  This type of glamour is highly individualistic.
Tip #7: What Are the Best Spring Furs and Colors?
Rabbit, sheared furs, and knitted mink are all ideal for spring fur fashions. Look for fun pastel colors like yellow, green, white, and pink. Do not be afraid of bold fur colors that will make a bold statement.
Be the Ultimate Fashionista with Spring and Summer Furs
The key to wearing spring and summer fur fashions is to be bold.  The fashion industry is changing faster than ever before.  Take new ideas, and run with them. Show beauty, glamour, and creativity with fresh fur fashions year-round. Fur is a timeless staple of any wardrobe, and has taken the lead in many movies over the years. Check out the graphic below to see the most iconic furs in classic films.
Iconic Fur in Film Infographic
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March 24, 2014

My favorite products of the month

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Hello Beautifuls , 

In the past month I used and discovered a lot of products. I always try to change some products in my beauty routine but I end using the same ones.
Make-up products 
For my face I use Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin and Sephora CC cream - this is a perfect combination for my skin in this spring. I have an oily sensitive skin and I'm very pleased of the Colorstay ( shade 180 sand beige ) . I tried to use just Sephora CC cream but it wouldn't stay all day on my skin. 
As a concelear I use Liz Earle Light Reflecting Concelear in shade Fair 01 - an amazing products who looks natural and brights my undereye area.
To fix my foundation I use Max Factor Translucent Powder . It's a good powder and looks natural on my skin.  
For contouring my face I use the Sleek bronzer . I have it for over a year and still have a lot of product in it - great deal!
I love my 4 blush palette from Gosh , it's very practical and easy to use.I have it in shade 51 Bronze Pie Sometimes I use the Baked Blush from Benecos because it has such a nice glowing finish. 
For my eyes I love Maybelline Color Tattoo (35 On and on Bronze ) and fake Naked 2 . I had just natural looks lately . As a mascara I really like False lash wings from L'Oreal , it's pretty expensive but very good. 
When I used eyeliner I prefered the Inglot one. 
For my eyebrows I choose the eyebrow pencil from Essence. This is a cheap but effective product for eyebrows , you must try it .
This spring I decided to have really moisturized lips so I use daily Nivea Lip Butter or Oxyance lip balm. 
Hair products
If you have problems with dantruff or seborrheic dermatitis I discovered the most amazing shampoo : Jason Dantruff relief . This helped me and my brother a lot and I'll review it this days on my blog. As a second shampoo I used L'Occitane 5 essential oils volumizing and I must say it's very gentle .
To keep my hair healthy I use Wella Enrich Hair Ends Elixir or Argan Treatment Oil. I like the second one better but it's hard to get.
Body products
Nivea has an amazing product : In shower body milk . I use it after I cleanse and I feel my skin so soft and moisturized . If you don't have time or just don't want to use a regular body milk , this is perfect for you.
Yves Rocher has this new  cream shower gel with macadamia nuts. It smells like icecream and I adore it!
Sometimes I use Anti-stretch mark cream from Ivatherm . I feel my skin very firm after I use it and think it helps me with the stretch marks I have.
This month I loved the Boss Jour Perfume . It is a nice, fresh and long lasting perfume . I think it's very suitable for spring and summer. 
You can see some earings and necklaces that I wore more than others this month .
Face products
 For my face I used many products but these two are really my favorites : Sensibio Mask and Sensibio H20 AR from Bioderma . These calms my skin and leave it so healthy looking.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day .

March 17, 2014

All You Need To Know About Shopping For a Wedding Gown

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A bridal gown is one of the most important purchases of your lifetime. That is why it is necessary that when you are making this decision, you do so very carefully so as to ensure that you make the right decision. For one to have a beautiful wedding, you must have a beautiful gown too. The gown is not just a dress that is worn by the bride, it has more meaning. It is an emblem of love, purity and happiness that are in store for both the groom and bride after they wed.
For a long time now, there has been a trend of brides choosing to wear white gowns. However, you can choose to have a gown of a different color as this is also accepted. Having a colored gown may create an impressive wedding. It gives a touch of uniqueness. Some of the colors you may want to try out are silver, black, pink or red. Thus, do not tie yourself to picking a white gown only.
Once you have decided on the color of the gown that you will choose, you may also want to consider getting a style that suits you. In case you are new in this, the Internet can be of great help to you. There are various designs of a gowns that may please you. The style you go for should be compatible to the time and location of a particular ceremony.
Many brides have had problems getting a gown of their choice. This is because they get to shop late and thus they run out of time. As a result, they end up choosing a dress that they do not like. Therefore, take your time and do some early shopping. Once you set the date for your wedding, start sourcing for the right dress. It will save you last minute rush inconveniences.
When looking for a wedding gown in Atlanta,GA it is important to use all the materials within your reach. This research is not all that simple and thus requires a lot of effort. One may want to consider using magazines, journals and the Internet. The Internet provides a wide range of information and one can not lack useful information.
When settling for a dress, ensure that you look good in it in all angles. In most cases, people forget to see how the dress looks on them at the back. As a result, they end up with a dress that does not look good on them at all.
When planning for a wedding, there are several aspects that need to be taken care of. Therefore, having a budget for the gown will go in handy in ensuring that you do not over strain your budget and miss out on other things. There are several wedding dress stores and at different prices. Thus, stick to your budget all along.
When going to shop for a wedding dress in Atlanta take a friend along with you. A friend will assist you to make a credible decision, as she will give an opinion. With her help, you can come up with various ideas including the adjustments that you can make on the gown. 
Written by Gretta Brisson

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