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What to wear at the World Cup in 2014

So, you’ve decided to go to Brazil for the World Cup and you’re planning your outfits. The

first thing you’ll need to know is what to expect weather-wise during June and July. Second,

you’ll want to know what clothes are comfortable enough to wear during the matches and while

travelling around the country. Lastly, it helps to know a little about the current trends; after all

Brazil is one of the leading fashion manufacturers in the world!

Weather in Brazil during June and July:

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, about half the total size of South America. During

June and July (the winter season in Brazil) the weather can vary tremendously depending

on where you are. In the central and south-western sections, you can expect weather that is

dry, cold, and sunny. Along the north-eastern coastline you’re likely to experience more rain,

heavier than during other seasons of the year. The weather in Brazil at this time of year is often

unpredictable so you will want to bring along both winter and summer wear. (My suggestion is

to dress in layers, this way you will be ready for anything!)

Comfort Matched with Style:

This brings us to the fun part… planning what to pack for comfort and fashion flexibility! Take

along a warm jacket that travels easily and is water resistant. Bring an assortment of separates in

colours and styles that mix and match. Fortunately jeans, tee-shirts, and jerseys are some of the

hottest fashion trends in Brazil. Coat-of-arms cotton tees, sweatshirts, and caps are very popular.

Pack a couple of skirts, knit dresses, and silk slacks for restaurants and evening wear. Don’t

forget to pack your favourite black dress - or black top and wrap skirt - plenty of scarves, a few

favourite pieces of mix-and-match jewellery, and some comfortable hiking shoes, dressy flats,

sandals, and sunglasses!

Brazilian Fashion:

The 2014 has matches scheduled in twelve different cities throughout

the country. One of the major fashion centres in the world, Brazil is sixth largest in the textile

industry and is quickly moving into first place for denim production. Regionally and culturally

varied, Brazil borders all countries in South America with the exception of Ecuador and Chili.

It includes five different regions and twenty-seven states, and is described as the Giant of Latin

America! (Keep in mind that Brazil is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are opposite

those in the north!)

Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing are marketed throughout the world, particularly jeans,

underwear, sports/beachwear, casual, and formalwear. Additionally, Brazil is a world leader in

the gem and costume jewellery markets, with the United States, France, Italy, and Portugal being

some of the leading promoters of Brazilian styles.

What to Wear:

This being said… when you’re deciding what to wear to the World Cup in 2014, think about the

weather, comfortable/versatile styles, and plan to leave some room in your luggage for all the

gorgeous new clothes and accessories you’ll be bringing home!

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