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My perfect red lipstick : Diorific 037

"Imagine a new lipstick that behaves like a highlighting blush, thanks to radiant new shades and a new treatment balm formula.
From the first application, lips are perfectly hydrated, plumped and smoothed, thanks to a formula containing a high concentration of active treatment ingredients.
Rouge Dior Nude is available in 14, new, warm or cool, blush-effect shades that add a transparent touch of warmth or coolness to the complexion. From beige to bronze and  from greyish-beige to rosewood, they echo the nude coloured silhouettes of the latest Dior shows. "

I've got this beautiful shade of cherry red on my birthday and it was love at first sight. Dior Diorling (# 037) Diorific Lipstick is a long-wearing and hightly-pigmented lipstick , doesn't dry the lips ( I could say that it's a little moisturizing) and has a natural sheen. 
I love everything about this liptstick : the gold packaging , the feel I have when I wear it , the pigmentation and it's creamy consistency .

It resists for hours on my lips even if I drink or eat something ( like a banana or orange) , without the feeling that I need to reapply. 
The Revlon Colorstay resists even longer but it dryes my lips and if I don't moisturize it looks like cracked . With Diorific I don't have this problem because it feels creamy and lightly moisturizing . 

Here you can see how it looks on the lips : 

I wanna have more shades of Diorific because this one is pretty amazing . You can buy it from here for £22.10 . 
What do you say beautiful girls? You like it?

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