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How to get ready for a first date

Hello beautifuls , 

I think that every lady is a little anxious when she gets ready for her first date with a man she likes so I decided to give you some tips for a relaxing and successful date . 
Take at least 3 hours to get ready . You don't want to be in a hurry and risk to be late or skip the manicure/makeup time.
First step I recommend it's a bubble bath while you listen your favorite songs . This will relax you and get you in a good mood. 

Pamper yourself with your favorite facial mask . You must have one that makes your skin look amazing , right? 

Give yourself a manicure . I think you should do something simple or paint them in a color that matches your style. It's important to take good care of your hands .

Make sure that you have smooth legs and arms . You don't want to scare the poor guy! 

Do your makeup but take care to not exagerate with colors . Try to have a natural, fresh look .

Style your hair. Keep it casual and allow your natural beauty to take center stage.

Choose your outfit to match your personality and your body shape. Try to emphasise your strenghts and hide the flaws with your chosen clothing. 

I hope this post is usefull for you and I whish you an amazing date!!

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