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January 30, 2014

What to wear at the World Cup in 2014

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So, you’ve decided to go to Brazil for the World Cup and you’re planning your outfits. The

first thing you’ll need to know is what to expect weather-wise during June and July. Second,

you’ll want to know what clothes are comfortable enough to wear during the matches and while

travelling around the country. Lastly, it helps to know a little about the current trends; after all

Brazil is one of the leading fashion manufacturers in the world!

Weather in Brazil during June and July:

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, about half the total size of South America. During

June and July (the winter season in Brazil) the weather can vary tremendously depending

on where you are. In the central and south-western sections, you can expect weather that is

dry, cold, and sunny. Along the north-eastern coastline you’re likely to experience more rain,

heavier than during other seasons of the year. The weather in Brazil at this time of year is often

unpredictable so you will want to bring along both winter and summer wear. (My suggestion is

to dress in layers, this way you will be ready for anything!)

Comfort Matched with Style:

This brings us to the fun part… planning what to pack for comfort and fashion flexibility! Take

along a warm jacket that travels easily and is water resistant. Bring an assortment of separates in

colours and styles that mix and match. Fortunately jeans, tee-shirts, and jerseys are some of the

hottest fashion trends in Brazil. Coat-of-arms cotton tees, sweatshirts, and caps are very popular.

Pack a couple of skirts, knit dresses, and silk slacks for restaurants and evening wear. Don’t

forget to pack your favourite black dress - or black top and wrap skirt - plenty of scarves, a few

favourite pieces of mix-and-match jewellery, and some comfortable hiking shoes, dressy flats,

sandals, and sunglasses!

Brazilian Fashion:

The 2014 has matches scheduled in twelve different cities throughout

the country. One of the major fashion centres in the world, Brazil is sixth largest in the textile

industry and is quickly moving into first place for denim production. Regionally and culturally

varied, Brazil borders all countries in South America with the exception of Ecuador and Chili.

It includes five different regions and twenty-seven states, and is described as the Giant of Latin

America! (Keep in mind that Brazil is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are opposite

those in the north!)

Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing are marketed throughout the world, particularly jeans,

underwear, sports/beachwear, casual, and formalwear. Additionally, Brazil is a world leader in

the gem and costume jewellery markets, with the United States, France, Italy, and Portugal being

some of the leading promoters of Brazilian styles.

What to Wear:

This being said… when you’re deciding what to wear to the World Cup in 2014, think about the

weather, comfortable/versatile styles, and plan to leave some room in your luggage for all the

gorgeous new clothes and accessories you’ll be bringing home!
January 29, 2014

My perfect red lipstick : Diorific 037

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"Imagine a new lipstick that behaves like a highlighting blush, thanks to radiant new shades and a new treatment balm formula.
From the first application, lips are perfectly hydrated, plumped and smoothed, thanks to a formula containing a high concentration of active treatment ingredients.
Rouge Dior Nude is available in 14, new, warm or cool, blush-effect shades that add a transparent touch of warmth or coolness to the complexion. From beige to bronze and  from greyish-beige to rosewood, they echo the nude coloured silhouettes of the latest Dior shows. "

I've got this beautiful shade of cherry red on my birthday and it was love at first sight. Dior Diorling (# 037) Diorific Lipstick is a long-wearing and hightly-pigmented lipstick , doesn't dry the lips ( I could say that it's a little moisturizing) and has a natural sheen. 
I love everything about this liptstick : the gold packaging , the feel I have when I wear it , the pigmentation and it's creamy consistency .

It resists for hours on my lips even if I drink or eat something ( like a banana or orange) , without the feeling that I need to reapply. 
The Revlon Colorstay resists even longer but it dryes my lips and if I don't moisturize it looks like cracked . With Diorific I don't have this problem because it feels creamy and lightly moisturizing . 

Here you can see how it looks on the lips : 

I wanna have more shades of Diorific because this one is pretty amazing . You can buy it from here for £22.10 . 
What do you say beautiful girls? You like it?

January 23, 2014

Makeup trends for spring 2014

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Hello beautifuls , 

Spring is coming and it's a must to know the makeup trends for this sezon! If in the fashion area Radiant Orchid is the color of the year , in the makeup area things are a little bit different.
Here are some trends direct from the catwalks : 
Blue Eyeshadow - you can wear it from your lash line to crease . Make sure it's a vibrant , solid shade of blue.  You can see this trend at Marc by Marc Jacobs models .
Cat-eyes - this is my favorite one ! Your eyes will look so sexy and chic . I think cat eyes will never be out of trend .

White eyeshadow and liner - Lids accented with white eyeshadow were tearning all over the runaways. You can addopt this trend if you want a bright look . Take note that some white liner on your waterline will make your eyes look bigger .

Pastel colors eyeshadow - You can have a nice, fresh look with pastel colors. Also you can wear an pastel outfit because they are on trend this spring!

Orange Lips - this is the lipstick shade of the season! Your lips will really pop! I have my perfect shade of orange from YSL so I'll be in trend this spring.

Natural Beauty & Glowing Skin - It's an art to make a girl look natural but gorgeus with a little makeup . Some primer, concelear , lip balm and just a touch of blush will make you have a natural but fresh look. This year it's sexy to have a glowing skin so you can add your favorite iluminator for a perfect natural look. 

What is your favorite trend ?

January 22, 2014

How to look good in 40 minutes : hair and make-up

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Hello beautifuls, 

Today my cousin had an exam and she wanted to look good without a large amount of make-up . I just had 40 minutes to do her hair and make-up so I present you my choices :
I curled her hair with this curling iron . She has beautiful hair but it's not very long so I finished in 25 minutes. Now I'm sorry that I didn't take some pictures on her hair , it looked so pretty in the end. I used some finishing spray from Show Premiere .
For make-up I used : 
-Liz Earle Concelear (Fair 01 )
- Revlon colorstay ( 250 Fresh Beige )+ AC control BB cream 
- Liz Earle Powder ( Sheer ivory 02 )
- Sleek bronzer in light 
- Benecos Baked blush ( Rouge )
- Essence Eyebrow pencil with brush ( 04 Blonde)
- Essence eyeshadow base 
- Gosh Smokey Eyes Palette (02 brown ) 
- Sephora Eye Graphic 4 colors palette ( violet smoky)
- Sephora smart liner ( 01 Black)

Oh boy, I realized I should do a lot of reviews !!

Some pictures :

You can see some Before and After pictures. She is such a pretty girl anyway but with make-up I think she totally rocks!

So what do you say pretty girls? It's a nice makeover for 40 minutes?
* Don't be shy , leave a comment
January 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Giveaway

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Hello Beautifuls , 

I have a surprise for you : valentine's day giveaway !! You have the chance to win this wonderful dress to wear it on Valentine's Day !

Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Open worldwide!
How to get:
1.      Add a comment on the product page via Facebook account to show your love to the dress :
2.      Tell me you have done it by leaving me a comment following this post.
1 lucky winner will be picked 5 days later. 
Btw, the amazing dress will be only $16.99 on 23rd Jan GMT. Save 53%.
Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans: forVday
It can save another 10%, valid on 23rd Jan GMT only. Don’t miss out, girls!

January 20, 2014

How to get ready for a first date

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Hello beautifuls , 

I think that every lady is a little anxious when she gets ready for her first date with a man she likes so I decided to give you some tips for a relaxing and successful date . 
Take at least 3 hours to get ready . You don't want to be in a hurry and risk to be late or skip the manicure/makeup time.
First step I recommend it's a bubble bath while you listen your favorite songs . This will relax you and get you in a good mood. 

Pamper yourself with your favorite facial mask . You must have one that makes your skin look amazing , right? 

Give yourself a manicure . I think you should do something simple or paint them in a color that matches your style. It's important to take good care of your hands .

Make sure that you have smooth legs and arms . You don't want to scare the poor guy! 

Do your makeup but take care to not exagerate with colors . Try to have a natural, fresh look .

Style your hair. Keep it casual and allow your natural beauty to take center stage.

Choose your outfit to match your personality and your body shape. Try to emphasise your strenghts and hide the flaws with your chosen clothing. 

I hope this post is usefull for you and I whish you an amazing date!!

January 15, 2014

2013 Favorites ( Make-up, Skincare , Perfumes, Movies )

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Hello beautifuls ,

How are you? I hope the new year will be awesome and full of happiness for all of us!! 
In the past year I tested and loved a lot of products but I decided to show you just the affordable or awesome ones.

Make-up Favorites

1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily Skin - I simply love it . It's great for oily skin and I use it every day although I have many foundations .
2. Revlon Brow Fantasy - My eyebrows look fantastic because of this! 
3.Revlon Colorstay Lipsticks - They resist for hours but I must have moisturized lips when I apply them.
4. Sephora Vinyl Sistem Palette - I just love the Violet color from this palette, it's amazing. 
5. Nude Tude Girls The Balm - This is my favorite palette for 2013!! Review here .
6. Face Contour Kit ( Light) - I think this deserve 8 from 10 but it's very good for its price!
7. Liz Earle Powder - Gives a natural look and has excellent ingredients.
8..Benecos Baked Blush - I own 2 shades and I absolutely love them! They give a natural and nice look to the cheeks.
9. Sephora Smart Liner - Easy to use and a good eyeliner.

Skin care 

1. Bioderma Sensibio H20 - Best makeup remover for me . Review here
2. Ofra Cosmetics Vitamin C cream - My cream is with green , not orange on the package but I didn't found it anywhere. I absolutely adore it!
3. L'Occitane Shower Oil - You must try a shower oil! It's amazing and you feel moisturized after you shower.
4.  L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub - It does a great work for my skin but if you have some injury on your skin , its sting.
5. Jason Apricot Scrubble - it's natural and it is the best scrub for my face
6. Ivatherm Anti-cellulite - If I massage my body with this cream , I observe good results.
8 . Bioderma  Sensibio  Eye Contour Gel - It's not a must have product but I like it . You can see it here .


1. Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum
2 . Daisy Marc Jacobs
3 . Boss Jour 
4. Yves Saint Laurent Elle 
5. Vip Night Oriflame
They are pretty expensive but I think they deserve every cent! I am in love with Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs Daisy .

I will not show you my favorites hair products because I have a very sensitive scalp and I think this subject deserves a separate post.

But , my favorite movie is :

My favorites series are :

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.  What are your favorite products?
Love you all! 

January 01, 2014

Curs de makeup Cluj

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In luna decembrie mi-am indeplinit o dorinta care o aveam de mult : sa fiu makeup artist certificat! Am cautat informatii despre mai multe cursuri de machiaj acreditate din Cluj si cel mai tare mi-a starnit curiozitatea cursul  Cameliei Podina ( David) , cea care are si magazinul online . 
Am avut emotii nestiind la ce sa ma astept si am mers in prima zi de curs avand impresia ca doar o sa imbunatatesc ceea ce stiu , nu ca voi invata multe lucruri noi. Din primele minute Camelia mi-a lasat o impresie buna si acum pot spune ca este un formator deosebit si talentat cu o personalitate puternica. Studioul este cochet , foarte bine luminat , cu oglinzi mari si produse profesionale de machiaj Ofra, Make-up Studio si MUD. Ustensilele se curata si dezinfecteaza dupa fiecare machiaj .

Cursul cuprinde:
- aplicarea corecta a fondului de ten, corectorului si fixarea fondului de ten, tot in primele zile se va invata machiajul de zi,
- machiajul corector al fetei si scoaterea in evidenta a trasaturilor cu ajutorul produselor profesionale special concepute care ofera umbrire si luminozitate
- machiajul corector al ochilor si modul de conturare a buzelor,
- conturarea sprancenelor si aplicarea de gene false tip manunchi si banda,
- machiajul de mireasa - se va realiza in colaborare cu hair stylists si fotografi profesionisti la studioul photo Lighthouse Photo Studio din Cluj Napoca.
- 4 tehnici de machiaj cele mai des folosite,
- machiajul de fotografie

Machiaje facute de mine la curs , incepand cu prima zi : 

Ca si model pentru machiajul de examen am avut-o pe Anca ( Aqua Shell) :
* toate pozele sunt facute cu telefonul, pe cele de la sedinta foto inca nu le am*

Ma bucur ca am avut inspiratia de a alege cursul de machiaj Top Makeup, am invatat multe de la Camelia si am descoperit si produse interesante. In fiecare zi faceam 2 machiaje pe modele diferite pentru a invata sa machiem diferite conformatii. Pentru fiecare machiaj ni se facea o demonstratie inainte si ni se explica ce si cum trebuie sa facem.
 De obicei cursul tine de la 10 la 15  de luni pana vineri, dar exista posibilitatea de a face cursul si in weekend si atunci orele de la care se tine sunt diferite.
 Daca va ganditi la o cariera ca si makeup-artist, credeti-ma ca un curs va face diferenta. Eu stapanesc mai bine tehnicile de machiaj , am mai multa incredere in mine , sunt mai atenta la detalii si deja stiu cam ce machiaj s-ar potrivi unei persoane pe care o vad. Chiar am primit mai multe aprecieri si nu pot fi decat fericita si dornica de a evolua si mai mult! 
Cursul costa 1000 de lei dar daca se plateste integral , se face o reducere de 10% . Intr-o grupa sunt doar 4 cursante asa ca locurile sunt limitate. 
Pe Camelia o puteti contacta pe pagina de facebook sau la numarul de telefon : 0726458442 .

Anca machiata de mine si eu machiata de Camelia .
Va pup!!

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