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Tag : Get to know me!

  • Are you named after someone?
Da , Laura - de la fiica unor prieteni de familie si Mariana- dupa bunicile mele

  • when was last time you cried?
Astazi . :D
  • do you have kids?
nu, atat mi-ar mai lipsi acum.

  • if you were another person, would you be friend with yourself?
tind sa cred ca da . :D

  • do you use sarcasm a lot?
da, zilnic :D .
  • will you ever bungee-jump?
daca o sa se iveasca ocazia cu siguranta da

  • what's your favorite cereal?
orice cereale care au cacao in compozitie .

  • what's the first thing that you notice about people?
ochii si zambetul .

  • what is your eye color?
caprui .

  • scary movie or happy endings?
happy endigs - sunt o romantica.
  • favorite smells?
ploaia de vara , liliacul , zambila , trandafirul , salcamul etc
  • summer or winter?
prea la extreme - primavara.
  • computer or television?
  • what's the farthest you've ever been from home?
Bucuresti si Iasi - nu prea departe.
  • do you have special talents?
nup , nici macar unul .
  • where were you born?
  • what are your hobbies?
blogul este cel mai mare hobby :D
  • do you have any pets?
nu insa mi-as dori un labrador, chow chow sau husky :D
  • favorite movie?
Titanic , Water for elephants , The notebook , A walk to remember , The Ugly Truth , August Rush :D
  • do you have any siblings?
da, un frate
  • what do you want to be when you grow up?
Nu vreau sa "grow up" .
  • when your first slow dance and the song?
Nu il mai stiu pe primul , insa cel pe care il tin minte e pe o melodie de-a lui Celine Dion.
  • movies you dislike
Your Heighness - cel mai prost film dintotdeauna.
  • what 3 youtubers/bloggers would you like to meet in person?
Sunt mai mult de 3  :D
  • who do you tag?
Cine doreste sa il faca. :)

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