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7 Signs That Point To A Career In Medicine

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Choosing a career can be tough! After all, we often don't know what they will truly be like until we have been in 
them several years. However, even before we have a chance to try them out it can be possible to work out whether 
we are a good fit or not in term of the qualities we possess. To that end, read my post below on the critical skills 
and attitudes you will need to rock for a successful career in medicine! It might just be the perfect fit!

You are compassionate.

If you tend to be the compassionate one in your group, the one people come to with their problems and worries 
then medicine might be the right career for you. After all, you have to be seriously compassionate to help all of 
those people. People that sometimes have even been the cause of their pain, and when you’ve been on shift 
10- hours straight without a break!

In fact, underlying all the others skills and values that you will need to be successful in medicine is compassion. 
This is because without this you may struggle to get through the hard outer shell of people that are scared and in 
pain to the real individual that needs the help underneath.

You are emotionally robust.

Emotional robustness is another crucial skill set that you must have if you are going to dazzle in your career in 
medicine. The reasons for this are numerous, but in particular, the life and death nature of the work can put a 
significant strain on individuals working in the area.

Of course, being emotionally robust is natural to some folks, based on a combination of their personality types, 
the current situation and the way they were brought up. Although, that doesn't mean that those in stressful position 
can learn these skills as well.

In fact, there are therapies such as CBT that can help individuals to reframe events and situation is a more rational 
way, something that allows them to cope with harsh conditions better. Something that it may be worth considering 
if you hope to go into medicine and need some help in this area.

You desire to make a difference.

Next, a fundamental motivation for entering into the medical field is the desire to make a difference and improve the 
life of others. In fact, having a strong desire in this are is often the primary motivation for going into the medical field,
 and it can help to keep doctors, nurses, and specialists motivated even through their toughest days and cases.

You love to learn.

Also, if you a person that loves learning especially learning scientifically then medicine could a great fit. The reason 
for this is because not only do you have to commit to a fair amount of study at a higher level to enter medicine, but 
part of your job will be to stay ahead of the most significant discoveries and new techniques in your field.

In fact, usually, to progress within the field of medicine you will need to commit to additional education, although 
because of the nature of the environment many courses like this online RN MSN are available in convenient ways 
that can be fit around your shifts. Something that makes it easier to continue to work, as well as study towards 
developing your career.  

You have an impressive memory.

Medicine is a full field of expertise and to be successful in such a career; you must be able to retain and store 
detailed information that you can access at a moment's notice! What this means is that those with a naturally 
good, or even eidetic memory have a great chance at succeeding here.

In particular, memorising conditions, symptoms, the correct way to go about treating them, as well as any common 
complications can be particularly valuable in thesis career. Although if you don't have the most naturally developed 
memory skills, there are some smart way that you can improve on these.

Such methods include using mnemonics to remember related information, as well as finding the right learning style 
that will help you recall things at a moment's notice. For some people, this will be setting them out in a visual way, 
for others listening to them, while still others may learn best by doing and so will benefit from the practical side of 
this type of career.

You are physically fit.

Remember too that medicine whether as a doctor or as a nurse is, as a rule, a reasonably physically active job, 
especially if you are working in a non-administration post in a hospital situation. In fact, you are likely to spend 
12-hour shifts on your feet all day, as well as get involved in the lifting of patients. This means that being physically 
fit enough to cope with these strains can make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your work.

Therefore those are not shy of a little physical as well as hard mental work are likely to a career in medicine best.

You thrive on a little stress.

Last, of all, a great sign that you will thrive in medicine is that you can handle stressful situations well. Now, some 
folk are naturally great at this, in fact, they almost seem to be most in control and alive when there is a crisis in 
front of them.

Nurse, doctor, or specialist, knowing how to cope with stressful situations is an essential skill you will need for a 
medical career.

Other people though, may tend to freeze or run when a stressful situation comes their way. It would seem like this 
those that have a natural aptitude for coping would have an affinity for this field, but it's is also important to remember 
that constructively dealing with stress is a skill that can be learned.

In fact, many people that present as very good at this skill in the first place have been doing activities and exercises 
such as organised sports, attending clubs, and leading groups during their younger years. Something that means if 
you're not confident with this skill it can be a good idea to do similar things, as well as work on stress management 
techniques if you are looking to succeed in a career in medicine.


Small Kitchen? No Problem!

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When looking for a new house to buy, most people look for a sizeable kitchen. Not only is this room 
often seen as a status symbol in the home, but it also needs to be fairly spacious so that you have 
enough room to move about when you are busy cooking and preparing meals for your family. So, while 
viewing houses, lots of people often pass on a property that only has a small kitchen.

But you shouldn’t dismiss a gorgeous house just because the kitchen area is slightly smaller than 
what you had in mind. There are actually some great ways you can use the decor to help improve the 
look and feel of a small kitchen. Read on to find out more!

Use Discreet Window Features

When it comes to thinking about what kinds of curtains or blinds to hang in your kitchen, you should try 
and stick to some discreet window features that won’t be too distracting. Ideally, your curtains or blinds 
shouldn’t be too imposing as they might stick out and could make your kitchen feel a lot smaller than 
what it actually is. So, you might prefer to go with some cheap Venetian blinds that do their intended 
job without attracting too much attention to them. A simple pull-string blind would also work as well.

Hang Your Pots And Pans

If your kitchen is particularly small, you might not be able to add too many cupboards and shelving 
units. Thankfully, though, there is a solution to this - you can just hang all of your pots and pans. You 
might want to hang them from the ceiling so they create a striking centerpiece to your whole kitchen, 
or you could get some hooks onto the walls and hang them from those. Either way, it’s a great way to 
store your pots and pans as well as using them to enhance your decor!

Get Creative With Storage

Of course, getting creative with your storage solutions can also help you get around the problem 
of not being able to fit in plenty of cupboards and shelving. For instance, you might want to consider 
using hidden storage options. You can now buy chairs and benches that come with hidden storage 
cupboards underneath them. These are great places to store some of your less-frequently
used kitchen items.

Stick To A Light Color Scheme

Thinking carefully about the color scheme of your kitchen can also help to open it up and make it feel a 
lot bigger and more spacious than what it actually is. Generally speaking, light colors such as pastels, 
whites, and creams, will make the room feel light and airy, which can help create the illusion of space. 
You will find that darker colors could make the walls quite imposing and this could cause the kitchen to 
feel very cramped. So, be sure to stick to a light color scheme.

Hopefully, all of these useful tips above will help you get over the problem of a small kitchen!

Don't You Want A Career You Care About?

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There are few things more frustrating than getting stuck in a job that you hate. Spending all day staring at the 
clock, waiting for the moment you can finally go home. It could be because it's boring, frustrating or just downright 
unpleasant, but a job that makes you miserable can be a serious drain on your entire life. It's no surprise that so 
many people dream of being able to get out of their dead-end job, the only problem is knowing how to go about 
doing that. Fortunately, getting out of your current career and into a new, more fulfilling one is actually a lot easier 
than a lot of people expect. It's just a matter of finding the right direction to move in. With that in mind, here are 
some careers that you can use to finally escape the corporate machine.

Set up a business of your own

What if you enjoy the things that go into business, but the issue is always having to be at the beck and call of a 
manager who doesn't know what they're doing? Well, then why not strike out on your own? A lot of people assume 
that starting your own business is the kind of thing that only very wealthy people are capable but that's not true. 
Thanks to modern technology, it's never been easier for anyone to start their own business. There are so many 
services now available that mean that you can start a business from the comfort of your own home. That way you 
get to call the shots and mold the direction that you want the business to take without having to deal with the 
opinions of other people.

Do something good.

Is part of the reason that you find your job so frustrating is that you don't feel like you're actually doing anything 
important or useful with your life? If you're the kind of person who would feel the happiest using your career to help 
people, then there are a lot of options out there for you. From emergency management to medicine to working 
alongside a non-profit organisation, there’s no reason why you can’t make a living doing some good in the world. 
Of course, that usually means that you’re not going to make  as much money as you might doing something else, 
but for many people that trade of is well worth it.

Try freelancing

Freelancing is a great option for people who can't stand the same old nine-to-five routine of standard employment. 
Freelancing allows you far more freedom to choose when you work and who you work for. If you don't agree with a 
particular client then you don't necessarily have to stick with them. And since you're working for yourself, you have 
the freedom to set your own working hours. Of course, the other side of this is that you only ever earn while you 
have clients. So you're not necessarily always going to be in a position to earn as much as you normally would.

It’s often incredibly easy to feel as though you have no choice but to let yourself get chewed up by the corporate 
machine but that’s really not the case. It just takes some time and effort and you’ll be able to find a career that 
you can really sink your teeth into.

A Beautiful Barnet: Make Every Day a Good Hair Day!

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As the saying goes: ‘your hair is the ballgown you never take off’. As women, our hair is such a big 
part of our identity, it really is no wonder that bad hair days feel like such a disaster. Maybe your hair 
feels a bit of a mess at the moment, or perhaps you’ve been wearing it the same way since you were 
young and you really feel like a change. Either way, here are some ideas to help you feel fantastic and 
make sure every day is a good hair day!

Get Some Extensions
Making your hair shorter is a little easier, and if you have long hair you can make a change by going 
short or even just having a few inches cut off. But if you want longer hair, you can insantly achieve this 
by using extensions. 

Perhaps you’ve had a bad haircut and want to put it right, or maybe your hair takes a long time to grow
It might be a case that your hair is very fine and you need some volume. Either way, extensions are a 
good choice. You could go with bonded extensions or micro rings, where small pieces are attached to 
small chunks of your natural hair. They remain in for a number of months and are taken out by the 
hairdresser. However if you don’t want the commitment then go with clip ins. This means you can add 
length and glamour when you’re going out or want to look nice, but don’t have to maintain the hair for 
the rest of the time since you can take them out.

Go With a New Colour
You could go with a bold colour all over, or go with slices of a bold shade throughout your hair. Pastel 
and ‘unicorn hair’ are both popular at the moment and are great if you want something a little unusual. 
Otherwise, having some highlights and/ or lowlights added or even having your hair dyed a couple of 
shades lighter or darker can make a big difference. With summer around the corner lots of people are 
embracing lighter locks, you could go with full highlights, or go down the ombre/ bayleyage route if you 
want something lower maintenance.This post explains more about these kinds of fun colouring 
techniques. A new colour can make a massive difference, in fact a dramatic change can make you 
look like a completely different person. So ideal if you’re ready for a new look.

Find a New Style
If you want to do something a little different with your hair, but don’t want to make any permanent 
changes then how about just finding a new style? If you have naturally straight hair and always wear it 
that way, how about investing in some heated rollers or a curling wand? If your hair is always worn 
wavy, you could experiment with straightening it. It’s always best to work with your natural hair texture 
and don’t go overboard on heat styling. However if you want a change every now and again, it’s a good 
way to go about it.

Dress To Impress: Finding Your Wardrobe Confidence

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Sometimes it can be a challenge to choose what to wear each day in order to feel your best and exude confidence. It can 
be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to fashion and clothing, and before you know it; you’ve created a uniform for 
yourself that neither excites you or makes you particularly happy. Whether it’s you job, new parenthood, or just a busy 
schedule, that is making you reach for the same outfit every day; there’s always a way to switch things up a bit. Finding 
your wardrobe confidence again will be a fun process, and it can be as simple as a few easy steps and additions to your 
dressing routine.

There’s nothing like feeling confident as you strut into the office, down the street, or for a night out with friends. Therefore, 
there no time like the present to focus your attention on your wardrobe so that you can begin feeling great from head to 
toe. The following are some ideas, advice, and inspiration for those who feel like they need a boost in the fashion 
department, and want to feel their best every time they get dressed.

Start At The Beginning

Any fashion expert will tell you that the foundations to a great outfit is your underwear. If you want to exude confidence in 
whatever you choose from your wardrobe; it’s vital that you start by popping on undergarments that will support you and 
make you feel your best. Take a look at brands like Ultimo and check out some styles that are going to ensure you feel 
great every day, before you’ve even started to put your clothing on. Try to choose an array of colours and styles so that 
you’re all set for any occasion and outfit; you can then start having some fun with straps, and will figure out what works 
best for your personal style and shape.

Rework What You Have

There’s no better excuse for some serious retail therapy than a season change, or just the need for an update. However, 
you’ll have an array of items hanging in your wardrobe that already fit you. Therefore, get your fashion magazines and 
blogs at the ready, and discover all the new styles that you’re digging. It’s time to work out how some of your favorite and 
key pieces can be worked into a current trend. Think about the style that suits your body shape, and the colour and 
patterns that will complement your skin tone and complexion. Then, head to the shops or online for some fresh additions 
to your wardrobe, that will ensure that you get an instant confidence boost.

Reworking your denim, skirts, trousers and dresses with various layers, and accessories will allow you to introduce 
colours and patterns in an affordable way. And, you’ll feel comfortable in your much-loved items and fresh with our new 
purchases. Feeling great on the inside because of your outfit choice will shine through to the outside, and will only 
enhance that strut you’re getting.


Why do so many young people choose to work abroad?

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Thanks to the growth and development of technology and improved travel systems, young people today have the 
ability to move easily around the world, exploring other countries and experiencing different cultures. Travel is a 
great educator, and many young people have marvelous adventures abroad that they find exciting and stimulating. 
Curiosity draws them to new places, to meet new people and see first-hand other ways of life.

For some young people, the positive impact made on them by a particular country draws them there again to live 
and work, even if they know that they’ll have to get used to being in a cooler climate. If there are fewer employment 
opportunities at home, it’s an added attraction when there are vacancies abroad, and it may mean that they will be 
well rewarded.

There are a number of places that are particularly attractive, whether, for instance, you want an extended stay to 
improve your resume, a family-friendly environment for your kids, or a permanent new home:

* In Perth, for example, the workplace style is typical of Australian culture, so it’s very informal and relaxed. This 
makes it easy for people from other countries to feel that they are being treated as equals and to fit in.

* Hong Kong is one of the safest and most fascinating world cities, and is very popular with families due to the great 
educational systems, particularly the Stamford American International School. Find out more at

* Some people fall in love with a country and decide to make it their home. Toronto in Canada is one of the most 
multicultural cities in the world and attracts young people as well as families, with many deciding to make it their 
permanent place of residence.

If you’re aged between 20 and 40 years old and interested in working or living abroad, there are a number of useful 
things to check before you make any major decisions. Whether or not you are planning a permanent move, you 
need to face up to leaving behind friends and family members. If you are going solo, this might be a particular 
issue, perhaps less so if you are moving as a couple or a family.

Career options

Check out the potential for a career in your field in your chosen location and make sure that you research 
thoroughly any particular qualifications required. Depending on where you wish to go, it may be necessary to have 
certain documents, including your resume and references, translated in advance.

Legal status

Make sure that you are clear about the legal implications of a move. There may be issues around health insurance, 
pensions and your employment status that need clarification. Make sure that you are aware of any possible 
repercussions in the future, particularly if your stay is likely to be temporary.


The country that you are moving to may have very different cultural norms from your current home. It’s worth taking 
the time to fully understand these so that you feel that you are in tune with the country’s ways of working and don’t 
accidentally cause offense.

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