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November 18, 2020

3 Amazing Uses of CBD Oil

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Image by Oliver King via Pexels

 CBD oil has gained enormous popularity in the recent past for its incredible health benefits. Today, this 

beneficial compound is present in various products, ranging from cookies to nasal sprays to even 

burgers. Given its numerous advantages, there is no doubt that the oil will keep growing in popularity in 

the future. Here is all you need to know about CBD oil and the potential benefits you could reap by 

using it.

 What is CBD Oil?

 CBD, which stands for cannabinoids, is a compound found in Cannabis. Unlike THC, which is the other 

primary compound in Cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that it does not alter the working 

of the brain to produce a “high” as THC does. It does, however, affect various body processes to alleviate 

certain conditions. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the cannabis plant has been used for  

medicinal purposes since 750 B.C. Well, here are three key benefits you stand to gain by using CBD oil. 

 CBD Oil Uses

1.      Offers Pain Relief

 CBD oil has exceptional pain-relieving properties. This is because it can easily bind itself to 

neurotransmitters, thus significantly inhibiting their activities. It also has outstanding anti-inflammatory 


 Owing to these two properties, CBD oil can offer tremendous benefits for those suffering from chronic 

conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

2.      Lowers Anxiety and Depression

 CBD Oil is also commonly used to treat depression and minimize anxiety. Many people prefer the oil to 

pharmaceutical anti-depressants for two main reasons. First, since CBD oil is a natural substance, 

it rarely produces side effects. This can hardly be said of pharmaceutical drugs, which have a wide range 

of side effects like weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia.

 Secondly, some pharmaceutical anti-depressants are addictive and can quickly cause dependence. Some 

users even start using recreational drugs to quench the addiction, which is certainly undesirable.

 CBD oil also alleviates anxiety by producing a calming effect once consumed. Additionally, it can help 

to reduce insomnia. If you often have trouble drifting off to sleep, CBD oil can put your mind to ease and 

enable you to sleep soundly.

3.      Treats Acne

 Another little-known benefit of CBD oil is that it can help combat acne. It does this in two main ways. 

First, it inhibits sebum production, which is the oily substance primarily responsible for acne outbreaks. 

Sebum causes acne by blocking skin pores, which impedes breathing and excretion through the skin. The 

buildup of dirt then leads to the formation of pimples and blackheads that are synonymous with acne.

 Secondly, CBD oil fights acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. These two CBD oil properties 

combined make it an efficient acne treatment.


 There is no denying that CBD oil has a lot of benefits for your health. From easing anxiety and 

depression to treating acne and even relieving chronic pain, you stand to gain a lot by using CBD oil. If 

you suffer from any of the conditions discussed above, consider using CBD oil to alleviate the symptoms. 

Just be sure to get the green light to use the oil from your doctor first.

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November 13, 2020

3 Steps For When You Have A Great Idea For A Business

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Photo from

It is a great feeling when you get a eureka moment that could potentially set you up for the future. Thinking of your business idea can take time and can be overwhelming, but once you have your business idea, then there are a few steps you need to take to move forward.

Experiment and talk to others.

Although it can be tempting to shout about your new idea from the rooftops, it's vital that you talk to trusted people as the last thing you want is for someone to copy your image. Talking to a variety of other people will give you an insight into what your target market is going to be and their thoughts and ideas on it. They will often give you ideas to expand or alter parts of your image to improve it.

Once you have a bit of background on what people think, it's a good time to start experimenting on your idea and if it will work. It will often take several attempts as there will be certain aspects you haven't factored into the running of your idea that you will need to overcome. Still, these are the sorts of challenges that you will often have to iron out throughout your business.

Budgets and costs.

Once you have an idea of what your business will entail, it is a good time to figure out the costs involved to make your vision come to life and the company's running as a whole. You may need to take out a loan such as Buddy Loans to ensure you can have the best start to your business. This is a good time to set and work to a budget as it will avoid spending. Spending time to find cheaper alternatives for some parts of your business, such as packaging, will help you massively in the long run. Once you start to make a profit, you can improve on these, but try to pick up on investments that can be limited or avoided, such as going paperless and emailing your receipts, saving money on paper and ink.

Build a business plan.

Drawing up a business plan allows you to see your company and its potential as a whole while giving you the guidance you need. Seeing exactly who your target market is alongside your business story will remind you that when you, for example, release advertising, you take into account your target market and the factors that you need to account for all in one place to avoid forgetting anything. If the idea of writing a full business plan is overwhelming, then there are plenty of templates that you can use as a draft plan so it can help you to write an entire plan later on. The main part of a business plan is to have your goals to keep you motivated and guide you to know what you are constantly working towards, as sometimes this can often get forgotten about.

November 10, 2020

Reduceri de pana la 70% de Black Friday pe Notino

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  Black Friday, care pe majoritatea site-urilor/magazinelor tine mai mult de o zi este cea mai buna perioada de a face cumparaturi si a lua produsele pe care le doresti de mult, cu reducere substantiala.

Notino este magazinul online de pe care cumpar cel mai des si de Black Friday in perioada 9-15 noiembrie au reduceri de pana la 70% la multe produse.

Eu deja am facut o comanda, si am luat un set Lancome Monsieur Big, deodorante, Finish Quantum Max Lemon pentru masina de spalat vase si cateva produse de curatenie - daca inca nu ati descoperit, pe notino gasiti si produse de curatenie la sectiunea Drogherie, si de cate ori comand ceva pentru mine ma uit sa vad preturile si comand si de acolo pentru casa.

Astept salariul si mai vreau sa fac o comanda, deoarece am vazut reduceri la parfumuri si produse de ingrijire pe care vreau sa le iau, atat pentru mine cat si pentru cei apropiati. 

Aproape mi s-a terminat sticluta de Euphoria de la Calvin Klein, un parfum ideal pentru zi, il aleg des pentru servici (cand merg la birou) sau cand ma intalnesc cu fetele la cafea.

De Black Friday Euphoria este 165 lei, varianta de 100 ml - Un pret foarte bun.

Parfumul pe care mi-l doresc de anul trecut, de cand am luat unul pentru cumnata mea, este Scandal Jean Paul Gualtier. Miroase demential si persista mult timp! 
De black friday are pretul de 260 lei pentru 50 ml - redus de la 395 lei, si pretul de 338 lei pentru varianta de 100 ml - redus de la 515 lei. Parca ma roaga sa il iau acasa :)! 

Cumnata mea foloseste pentru ingrijirea tenului produse Clinique si am vazut ca multe sunt la reducere in aceasta perioada asa ca m-am gandit sa iau si pentru ea ceva.
Sapunul lichid pentru ten are un pret de 70 lei, redus de la 105 lei saptamana aceasta.

In ultimii ani am economist cateva mii de lei, cumparand mai multe produse necesare in perioada Black Friday, asa ca daca ai buget acum este momentul sa iti cumperi produsele pe care le doresti, la preturi mult mai mici decat in restul anului.
O veste buna de la Notino este ca in perioada 9-29 noiembrie vor oferi reduceri noi, deci daca saptamana aceasta nu apuci sa cumperi ce iti doresti, poate ai sanse toata luna sa gasesti produsul la reducere!
Tu ce produse iti iei de acest Black Friday?

October 27, 2020

Maskne| Cum scapam de acneea cauzata de masca

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 Hello girls,

Pe langa toate provocarile din ultimul an, legate de virusul Sars COV 2, purtarea mastii de protectie care a devenit obligatorie poate sa duca la fenomenul de Maskne, cel mai frecvent tip de acnee mecanica. Aerisirea deficitara, aerul cald, umiditatea de la transpiratie, respiratie si vorbire combinata cu frictiunea mecanica creeaza un mediu ideal pentru multiplicarea organismelor si astuparea porilor. Daca porii se astupa, pe ten pot aparea diverse forme de acnee si puncte negre 

Cel mai usor este sa prevenim prin schimbarea frecventa a mastii,purtarea ei doar unde este necesar si asigurarea ca masca aleasa este igienica, nu strange si este comoda la purtarea.

Cum tratam maskeea?

Dimineata curatati tenul cu un produs de curatare sub forma de gel,spuma sau emulsie pentru acnee iar dupa aplicati o lotiune tonica. Alegeti o crema faciala hidratanta cu textura lejera,non comedogenica care sa nu astupe porii sau sa incarce tenul. Evitati cremele nutritive dense cu textura grasa sau care stimuleaza productia de sebum.

Cel mai bine este sa asteptati 15 minute dupa aplicarea cremei, inainte sa purtati masca de protectie. 

Pentru verisoara mea de 17 ani care se confrunta cu o acnee mai serioasa de cand poarta masca,  am ales aceste doua produse : 

Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant - un produs pe care l-am folosit si eu si stiu ca este foarte bun pentru tenul gras cu acnee, contine doar ingrediente non-iritante si nu contine sapun. 

2. Pentru hidratare SVR Sebiaclear Hydra - O crema hidratanta si calmanta perfecta pentru tenul cu imperfectiuni. Si pe aceasta am recomandat-o deoarece am folosit-o si eu aproximativ un an, cand aveam o perioada stresanta si tenul meu a inceput sa nu fie deloc cooperant.

Seara dupa curatarea tenului,  aplica tot o crema de la SVR - Sebiaclear Active , o crema cu o formula ultra-concentrata si eficienta impotriva imperfectiunilor pielii cauzate de acnee.
Ei ii merge bine cu aceasta rutina, tenul nu mai este iritat ca inainte si tine acneea sub control. Din experienta mea, foarte important este sa nu sariti peste etapele de curatare si hidratare a tenului, un ten ingrijit va rezista mult mai bine la frictiunea mecanica provocata de masca de protectie.

October 05, 2020

Productivity Pals: A Freelancer's Best Friends For Happy & Productive Work Days

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The life of a freelancer brings with it a multitude of benefits. Especially in the current climate. At a time 

when we’re al;l getting accustomed to the mixed blessings of working from home, managing our time 

effectively and getting the most out of every day, we’re all picking up (whether we’re aware of it or not) 

the skills that make for a happy and rewarding career in self-employment. Why wait around for crumbs 

from the corporate table when you can seek out your own opportunities on your own terms? Why 

endure the inequities of corporate wage repression when you can take your skills directly to your 

clientele? Why wait for an opportunity to be promoted when you can increase your income in direct 

proportion to your hard work and endeavor? 


Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

But, of course, if life as a freelancer were easy, everyone would be doing it. You’ll need to establish a 

framework for consistent productivity. And without the safety nets that most salaried people take for 

granted like sick pay, paid leave and a regular fixed income, your ability to live and eat will depend on 

remaining consistently productive. And while we’ve already talked about some essential tools for 

freelancers, we also need to talk about the freelancer’s friends. The productivity pals. The little things 

that could make a big difference in enjoying happier, healthier and more productive working days. For 


Your windows

Natural light is such a relatively tiny and simple thing. But it can make a huge difference to your working 

days. The presence of natural light can make you feel calmer, happier, more energised, more creative 

and better able to focus. Is there any wonder why it’s called the “number one office perk”? So do all that 

you can to keep them nice and clean and streak-free. What’s more, if your windows have a view of your 

garden you get the added benefit that comes from being able to see plants and trees. Which brings us 


Your garden

Don’t make the mistake of trying to plough through your workdays as quickly as possible. Inevitably 

you’ll get tired, you’ll get frustrated and your work days will actually be longer. Instead, try and space 

short but meaningful breaks out throughout your day. And, where possible, you should take them away 

from your computer and desk. Spend a little time in the garden. Breathe fresh air and spend time with 

plants. Relax in privacy with Taxus Baccata by Hedgeplants Heijnen and other awesome hedge plants. 

Breathe the subtle perfumes of nature. Maybe even take a moment for some mindfulness meditation

You’ll return to your desk feeling happier, lighter and more rejuvenated.    

Your kitchen 

You can’t be consistently productive if you’re chomping down chocolate bars and chugging back coffee 

after coffee. All this will create is dips and spikes in your energy levels as you ride the caffeine and 

sugar high, only to come plummeting down later. Your kitchen could be your greatest aid in the battle 

for productivity when you use it to prepare healthy meals and snacks. Nuts and seeds, green and 

criciferous veggies and berries are all great foods for keeping your mind sharp and preventing the belly 

grumbles that can derail your productivity. 

October 01, 2020

Career Options You Can Pursue Online

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We are spending more time online than ever. With many people spending the majority of their waking 

hours at home due to the pandemic, new opportunities to make money and pursue career options have 

emerged. Whether you’ve lost your job recently, your workload has decreased, or you’re keen to 

 follow a new path, here are some options you can pursue online. 


Trading has become increasingly popular due to increased accessibility via online platforms. In days 

gone by, you had to be a professional trader to get involved, but today, almost anyone can give trading 

a go. Before you lay out any money or make any transactions, it’s crucial to do some research, read up 

on different types of trading such as share CFDs and get a feel for how different mechanisms work. It’s 

also important to ensure you are aware of rules and legal restrictions. Make use of demos, explore 

different sites and consider working with a reputable, trustworthy, experienced trader if you’re a 

beginner. Trial versions enable you to see how things work before you part with any money. Trading is 

a popular side hustle because it’s a flexible means of making money that can fit in with existing 

commitments, but there is potential to turn a hobby into a full-time job. 

Image source:


Blogging enables anyone to be a writer, and it’s a great way to explore subjects that interest you, to 

engage with others online, to raise issues that matter to you and to generate an income. Writing can be 

cathartic, but it can also be lucrative. If you enjoy writing, you have a talent, and people seem to 

respond well to what you have to say, it’s worth considering trying to monetize your new hobby. You 

can start discovering income streams such as sponsored adverts and affiliate links, or you could 

advertise your skills to benefit businesses or other bloggers who are looking to enhance and diversify 

their content with guest and contributed posts. Building a following is key when trying to establish a 

successful blog and promote growth. Define your target audience, create original content that will 

appeal to the readers you’re looking to attract and take advantage of opportunities to build virtual 

networks on social media. 

Image by

Coaching and consulting

Many people have used the unexpected break brought about by the Covid-19 crisis to develop new 

skills and learn. If you have qualifications, skills and experience, you could use them to boost your 

income and create new career options. If you can speak a foreign language or play an instrument, or 

you have expertise in digital marketing, accounting, web design, life coaching or personal training, for 

example, you could coach online, run webinars and produce course content and learning resources or 

offer virtual one-to-one or group sessions. 

Picture courtesy of

Statistics show that we are spending more time online than ever. Surfing the web isn’t just about 

whiling away the hours and checking what is going on in the world. It can also open doors in terms of 

new career paths and opportunities to utilize your talent, knowledge, skills and experience to increase 

your income. 

September 12, 2020

3 produse Bioderma pe care le-as recomanda oricui

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 Bioderma este brandul descoperit in facultate de la care am avut cele mai multe produse pentru ingrijirea pielii si a tenului, si caruia i-am ramas fidela si acum la 29 de ani. Am multe produse, de la diverse branduri insa macar un produs Bioderma am mereu in colectie.

Primul produs recomandat multor prietene este Lotiunea micelara Bioderma Sensibio H2O - cel mai bun si bland demachiant din cate am avut. Cei de la Bioderma au inventat solutia micelara si sincer, desi am perioade cand folosesc si alt brand, tot aceasta este preferata mea. Gasesti aici un review mai detaliat. Este perfecta pentru tenul sensibil,curata perfect machiajul fetei,buzelor, ochilor, chiar si pe cel rezistent la apa, deci daca inca nu ai gasit demachiantul care sa ti se potriveasca, merita sa ii dai o sansa, mai ales ca acum are reducere 26% pe notino.

Al doilea produs din topul preferintelor mele Bioderma este gelul de dus Atoderm. Curata bland pielea, este formulat fara sapun si este hipoalergenic si este recomandat si pentru copii si sugari. I-am facut un review mai detaliat aici. Review-ul este din 2012 insa imi mentin parerea despre produs si acum.

Al treilea produs preferat este crema de maini Bioderma Atoderm Cream Hand & Nails. Folosesc zilnic dezinfectant pentru maini, ma spal des si pielea de pe maini uneori are de suferit. Aceasta crema mereu ma salveaza, hidrateaza intens, este hipoalergenica si nu lasa pelicula grasa deoarece se absoarb rapid in piele. Vine si sezonul rece cand este necesar sa folosesc zilnic crema de maini, asa ca am deja cumparate doua, una o folosesc acum si una de rezerva.

De obicei imi cumpar produsele Bioderma de pe notino pentru ca fac comenzi des la ei, in perioada aceasta gasiti multe branduri cu produse la reducere de pana la 25% , si Bioderma este printre ele.

September 10, 2020

5 Effective Ways to Transform Your Small Garden

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Pexels - CCO Licence

If your garden is a little on the small side, there are plenty of ways to maximise the space available and 

create a stunning outdoor idyll. By using the architectural features of your property, the natural light and 

an array of plants, any outdoor space can be turned into a spectacular garden. To learn how to 

transform your small garden into a space you can enjoy, take a look at these top tips now:

1. Look upwards

If you don’t have much space on the ground, why not go vertical? Trellises and climbing plants create 

the illusion of space and enable you to enjoy a selection of blooms without taking up much space. 

Planting climbing shrubs close to walls or fences give you a natural backdrop to work with and means 

you can incorporate even more features into your garden.

2. Keep trees well-maintained

If you have large trees planted in your garden, they might be taking up quite a bit of space. Furthermore, 

they could be blocking natural light from entering your property. With professional tree removal, however, 

you can clear the space and get more of your garden back. Alternatively, keeping trees well-maintained 

and cutting them back regularly can help to minimise the amount of space they take up and prevent them 

from blocking the light into your property.

3. Create a raised seating area

Adding a raised patio or deck to your garden instantly makes it feel larger. In addition, it creates a 

dedicated seating area for you to enjoy. Being able to spend time in your garden essentially creates 

another ‘room’ in your property and enhances your living environment. As well as looking great, a raised 

seating area will enhance the functionality of your garden and make it somewhere you want to spend 


4. Incorporate lighting

Installing lighting in your garden will certainly make it feel larger in the evenings when you can spend 

more time outdoors. Battery or solar-powered outdoor lights are ideal for gardens, as they can withstand 

the weather and don’t require any wiring. What’s more – your garden can be safer and more secure 

when you have lighting installed.

5. Go underground

If you really want to make the most of your garden, why not see what’s beneath it? The latest trend for 

small gardens involves building sunken playhouses and trampolines for youngsters. If you want to turn a 

small garden into a family-friendly play area, this is definitely the way to go. However, do be sure to get 

expert assistance before you begin any work. Creating sunken features can be a great way to maximise 

space but it’s potentially dangerous if it isn’t done properly.

Make the Most of Your Garden

Planning ahead gives you the chance to make the most of your garden, regardless of what size it is. By 

choosing those plants that bloom all year round or installing features you can enjoy at any time, you can 

ensure that your garden is always the perfect place to be.

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