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6 Ways Employers Will Try To Get Around Their Obligations

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As an employee, you’re legally entitled to certain rights and it’s up to your employer to fulfil those 
obligations. Most of the time, they won’t have a problem with that but from time to time you’ll come 
across an employer that tries to get out of their legal obligations to employees. Whether it’s because 
they want to save money or they want you to work more hours than you’re legally obliged to, these 
unscrupulous employers will try lots of different tricks to stop you from getting those benefits.

Employment laws can get a bit complicated and employers will sometimes try to take advantage of the 
fact that you don’t fully understand it. These are some of the most common lies that they’ll tell to stop 
you from getting what you’re entitled to.

You Need To Go Self Employed

There has been a lot of debate about workers that are considered self-employed recently as companies 
like Uber and Deliveroo have come under fire for using the status as a way of depriving their staff of 
benefits like sick pay and holiday pay. If you run your own company or you’re a freelancer, you’re self 
employed and it’s very clear cut. If an employer offers you a temporary position as an outside company, 
you’re self employed as well. But if you’ve been working for somebody for a while and they suddenly 
come to you and say that you need to change your status to self employed and start paying your own 
national insurance and income tax. It’s a win for them because they’re paying you less money but it 
isn’t legal for them to do that if you’ve previously been an employee of the company. Ask your employer 
to give you a copy of your contract and see exactly what your employment status is. If you’re a 
registered employee, your employer cannot suddenly decide that you need to become self employed to 
save them money.

Not Being Paid For Travel

There are some jobs where you won’t get paid for travel, for example, if you’re working on commission 
and it’s agreed when you take the job that you won’t be getting paid for your travel that’s fine. But if 
you’re an employee that’s getting an hourly rate, you should be getting paid for travel. Often, employers will say that you get paid for the time you spend with clients but not for the time you 
spend travelling between clients.

In most cases, that’s not legal because you should be paid for all of the hours you spend at work and if 
they don’t pay you for travel, you might end up getting paid less than minimum wage. If you aren’t being 
paid for travel time and you think that you should be, speak with the citizens advice bureau and they’ll 
be able to tell you if you’re being underpaid or not.

Agency Worker Benefits

Agency workers are often at risk of exploitation by employers, especially if you don’t know what your 
rights are. Even if you’re not directly employed by the company, you’re still entitled to benefits like sick 
pay and holiday pay. Read this Statutory sick pay guide to see exactly what you’re entitled to. 
Employers will often tell you that you don’t get sick pay or holiday pay because you’re an agency worker 
but that isn’t the case. Your rights are exactly the same as they would be if you were directly employed 
by the company. The first thing to do is speak with the agency and see if they can iron out any problems 
for you. If you don’t have any luck there, you should seek legal advice.

Forced Holiday Days

Every employee is entitled to a certain amount of holiday days but sometimes, employers will try to 
make you use them when you shouldn’t have to. If the company decides that they need to close for any 
reason (doing stockchecks, making repairs around the office etc.) your employer may tell you that you 
need to use some of your holiday days if you want to get paid for those days off. The bad news is, this 
is legal in some cases. If it’s written into your contract that they can tell you when to take time off, you 
can’t do much about it. But if you think that they don’t have that right, seek legal advice.

Zero Hours Contracts And Redundancy

Zero hours contracts have been a big cause of contention in recent years because employers have 
been accused of using them as a way of stripping workers rights and taking away any job security. One 
way that employers often try to take advantage is when it comes to redundancy. If you’re laid off and 
you’re on a zero hours contract, they may try to tell you that you aren’t entitled to any redundancy pay 
because you aren’t a full-time contracted employee. However, that isn’t always the case. There are 
some conditions, of course, but if you’ve been there for a while you should be getting redundancy pay. 
Anybody that’s been working at the company for more than two years, doing at least one shift a week, 
is entitled to redundancy pay. If you’re unsure whether you qualify, the citizens advice bureau will be 
able to tell you.


The way that some employers treat pregnancy is a huge problem in some companies. As an employee, 
you have a right not to be discriminated against because you are pregnant. If you tell your employer that 
you’re pregnant and they suddenly decide that you should be taken off a big project or have your hours 
cut down, that’s discrimination and you have a legal avenue to stop that from happening. If you ever feel 
as though you’re being treated differently after telling your boss that you’re pregnant, you should seek 
legal advice. You also need to make sure that you’re getting all of the maternity leave that you’re entitled 

It’s always important that you understand what your rights are as an employee so your boss cannot 
take advantage of you.

Will Not Pills: Real Reasons To Avoid The ‘Roids

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Over the last hundred years or so, the world of health and fitness has gone to new heights. With 
supplements being readily available, health science providing a better understanding of the human 
body, and new tools to make it all easier, this field has changed a lot. Of course, though, enough is 
never enough for some people. With success on the mind and ideas of fame driving them, steroids 
have become somewhat of a crux for some bodybuilders. But, why exactly is this a problem?

You’ve probably heard jokes about bodybuilders and their abilities when it comes to the bedroom. Like 
most comedy, there is a lot of truth in this, but it isn’t simply because they’ve worked on their size. 
Instead, anabolic steroids, the ones used for performance enhancement, are very good at mucking up 
testosterone levels in the body. 

Over extended use, this can have a long term impact on someone’s ability to get an erection, leaving 
athletes to get the help of companies like A lot of people make the 
mistake of thinking that these chemicals are improving their time in bed, as they will also have an 
impact on your libido. In reality, though, this isn’t worth it for the damage being caused.

Steroids don’t only have an effect on your private parts, though, and it is worth considering the other 
health implications which can come from their use. Putting so much pressure on your heart is never a 
good idea, as this will slowly wear it down, eventually causing issues like heart attacks and strokes. 
At the same time, steroids will also negatively impact your liver, with websites like documenting the sorts of issues you could face. A lot of people ignore 
the side effects of these sorts of drugs when they see the results they get from them, even when it 
clearly isn’t worth it.

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the way you and other people view the work 
you’ve done throughout your sporting career. Knowing that you used a quick trick to get yourself to the 
top will leave most feeling unsatisfied, especially if you achieve a lot during your time using steroids. 
Along with this, if people find out about drug use, it will be hard to regain the reputation you once had. In 
some cases, this has left people struggling to get any work whatsoever, even if it outside of the field of 
sport. You may not be able to achieve the same results without them, but they won’t be your achievements 
if you cheat your way there.

A lot of people in the sporting world look for ways to give themselves an edge against their competitors. 
This sort of tactic should rely on ingenuity, creativity, and will-power, though, instead of being the result 
of breaking the law. Anyone can get their hands on a bottle of chemicals, but very few can carry 
themselves to the top through hard work and determination. It’s always best to fall into the category 
which takes the most work.

3 Skills That Will Enhance Your Career & Help You Find A Better Job

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It can be difficult to find a really good career that makes you feel fulfilled. Sometimes, we see to settle 
for jobs just because they’re easy to get, and we know we’re qualified to do them. Keeping that in mind, 
what if I told you you can enhance your career by developing specific skills? Here are three you should 
try to learn if you want to find a better job:

Social Media Skills

Social media is a massive part of the modern world. As a consequence, you need to develop your 
social media skills if you want to enhance your career. It will surprise you how many companies are 
keen to hire people that are skilled in the art of managing social media accounts and posting updates 
for the company. In fact, there are loads of jobs these days that are basically set up just for this 
purpose. If you learn the ins and outs of social media marketing, you can start applying for these jobs 
and maybe get your foot in the door of a very big company. Plus, it’s an extra string to your bow that 
makes you more attractive to employers if you’re applying for admin or assistant-type roles.

Bookkeeping Skills

In this day and age where finances are constantly scrutinized, and companies need to publish their 
accounts, it’s become essential that every business has a bookkeeper. This is someone who will look 
at the financial books and ensure that all expenses and payments are accounted for. If you’re keen to 
further your career, then gaining some bookkeeping skills is a must. 

Consider bookkeeping training at Avado to learn the basics behind this craft and become 
knowledgeable in this field. In doing so, you’ve now made yourself way more appealing to many 
employers as you can handle one of the essential tasks that need doing. Not only that, but you’re 
now more qualified to go for better jobs that were previously above your skill level and pay grade!

Writing Skills

Naturally, everyone needs to have some pretty well-developed writing skills if they want to make an 
impact in any career. However, if you seriously work on your writing skills, it can give you a boost in the 
right direction. Why? Because communication is so important in the modern world, and we’re reaching 
an age where more and more companies communicate via email or text chat support. Therefore, it’s 
important that you can write well and communicate professionally. Not only that, but a lot of companies 
have blogs to help drive traffic to their websites. Similarly, a lot of companies have websites in need of 
basic web copy! As such, being a good writer means you can do all of these things, which many 
employers will love, leading to more opportunities in the future!

These three skills will go a long way to helping you find a much better job. You’ll be more qualified, 
more confident, and more attractive to prospective employers. Ideally, to maximize your chances, you 
should learn all three skills. However, only developing one will still lead to better job opportunities!


Hands On Careers You Should Be Considering

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When it comes to your career, it can be quite hard to decide what you want to do when you have the 
opportunity to progress to higher education. It can feel like such an important decision, and for many, 
you go on to get some work in the hope that you will navigate and make the right choices on your 
career later in life. Some do. Some stick with what they know and excel at that. Others want a big 
change. Like coming out of an office environment and wanting something more practical. Going from 
working alone to working in a big team. These sorts of changes may sound really hard to take on board 
but actually anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Today I thought I would share with you 
some of the hands on careers you could consider switching to.

Working in the engineering industry

The engineering industry is one of those career paths that will seem like a real good option to consider 
when it comes to longevity of working. There will always be a need for engineers, even when 
technology does in fact take over. Management and moving up the ladder can be achieved if you put 
your mind to it and take on something like a masters in engineering management to help you gain the 
skills and knowledge to further your career.

Working in a face to face sales environment

Maybe you prefer to deal with people on a day to day basis, which is why working in a face to face 
sales environment could be the way forward for you. This will work especially well if you also have that 
competitive edge. It is hands on as you are dealing with customers face to face, physically showing 
products, taking out test drives and demonstrating the vehicles. It could also be a very lucrative career 
as you can earn more commission and increase your earning potential.

Working in the beauty industry

For you, hands on may mean other things, and a career in the beauty industry could tick all the boxes. 
Perhaps it is becoming a beautician. Where you take care of beauty treatments such as nails, waxing 
or facials. Maybe you might specialise in massage and become a masseuse. Helping people with back 
problems or just taking away any built up tension. Or it could even be to do with hair styling and cutting. 
All are hands on career options that would suit you well.

Taking that leap and starting your own business

Perhaps hands on means stepping out of your comfort zone and actually taking that leap of faith 
and starting your own business. You may already have something like a blog where you could  
monetise it and begin to work on making it your career. Or it could be that you decide to work for 
yourself and go freelance or launch a business in the industry you already work in. You just need to 
take that leap of faith and go for it.

I hope that sharing some of these options helps inspire you when it comes to your career.

The importance of great customer service

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Customer service is extremely important for any organization as it is the prime means which is 
connecting the organization with the customers. One should try to ensure that their customer service 
is as smooth as possible and giving the most productive output of the service which they are providing. 
Experts such as CCSN agree that this will ultimately bring the most customers to an organization.
It is required that customer service is maintained properly as it is a dynamic department. This will 
ultimately result in improvement in the organization’s reputation in the market which will ultimately be 
seen in the sales of the product. It will further help in covering a wider market as it will help in marketing 
the product more effectively.
Importance of customer service over a telephonic call
With the advancement of technology, many of the communications has moved to telephonic 
conversations. It has provided an efficient and rapid alternative to communicate with the desired 
person. One can even perform the inspection and service of the equipment while you are talking with 
the expert over a call which can guide you through the steps which are to be taken.
As this technology provides live working over the equipment while you are getting the desired directions 
from the expert who is located at distant location proves to be an effective alternative. It helps in making 
the customers most satisfied with the product which they are using. Even this will help them to solve 
some of the issues which they are facing by directly communicating with the expert.
The facility of recording the telephonic conversation is also effective which provides an alternative to 
check your service. One can go through the conversation which has taken place and thereby improve 
the same in an effective manner if some issues are found. Thus it is an efficient way of having a decent 
feedback about the service which is provided.
Having a positive experience over a telephone to a business
It is required to have control over the communication which is taking place over a telephone. As the 
communication is not taking place in-person the responsibility of the person increases substantially to 
understand the nature and behaviour of the other person. Once you know how the other individual 
behaves then you can respond accordingly to them.
One should greet the individual initially to which they are talking to. It is required that you smile while 
initiating the conversation with a greeting which can make the other person feel important and happy 
with the communication. The positive tone which you adopt during the conversation will be easily visible 
to the other person and thereby will result in more smoother communication.
The conversation which is having the ability to understand what other individual is saying will definitely 
have an impact to be more productive. When the conversation is taking place try to be sincere over the 
phone during the talk. Genuineness is also equally important to stand out from other service agents and 
give an impact to the customers even over a telephonic call.
Prime factor which can create your impact over your conversation is how you talk with them. You 
should always try to talk with them with clear and accurate names. If you are not clear with the name 
then you can ask them for the correct pronunciation which will further improve the conversation. The 
conversation should proceed in a manner that at last customer is left satisfied with the service which is 
Influence of Telephone over the customer service
There are many different individuals which are working with the customer service and each of them is 
having their own working style.  As a result of that, there are chances that customers like to talk to a 
particular agent more than the others. In that case, telephone also provides the benefits to directly talk 
with the customer service agent of your choice by following the specified path.
The path which you need to follow might be specified when you once received the service from the 
same. It will help you to connect in a more rapid manner to the concerned customer service agent. It 
will help in helping the customers to find the solution to their problems in a more effective manner and 
thereby solving with the service agent with whom they are more comfortable with.
Thus, we can say that customers service is extremely important to gain the maximum number of 
quality customers for your organization. A telephonic conversation is an efficient tool by which you can 
be in touch with your customer located at any distant location of the country. It will help in solving the 
issues which they are facing in a more effective manner and thereby providing the most efficient 
support to solve their issues.

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