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Parfum pentru "acasa"

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Acasa.. locul unde iti gasesti echilibrul,linistea,confortul si fericirea. De cate ori nu te-ai gandit la celebra fraza"Nicaieri nu-i ca acasa"? Pana sa ne luam casa noastra si stateam in chirie nu aveam sentimentul acesta atat de accentuat insa acum si daca lipsesc 2-3 zile de acasa, simt un confort si o liniste interioara cand ajung acasa.
Dupa cumparatul, aranjatul mobilei , a perdelelor, draperiilor, accesoriilor care personalizeaza casa ramane sa iti alesi parfumul care sa iti defineasca casa si simturile.
La birou, pe transportul in comun,in masina, pe strada simtit diferite mirosuri sau poluare care nu ne incanta deloc si uneori ne incarca si cu emotii negative, dar acasa putem alege noi ce sa simtim astfel incat sa simtim o atmosfera placuta si personala.
Daca in trecut nu aveai de unde sa alegi parfumuri pentru casa, astazi gasim multe si diversificate variante :
- Lampi catalitice care elimina din casa toate mirosurile neplacute, inclusiv fumul de tigara,aburii de la gatit, si mirosul animalelor de companie. Se pot lasa nesupravegheata si parfumeaza placut intreg spatiul.

Difuzoare de parfum - cred ca toti le-am folosit la un moment si chiar vreau sa imi comand unul pentru dormitor, mi se pare cel mai potrivit .

- Lumanari parfumate  - acum gasim toate aromele, culorile, formele , unele aratand ca o decoratiune luxoasa in casa.
Yankee Candle mereu au fost preferatele mele si acum le gasesc si pe Notino, saptamana aceasta la reducere 20% daca folosim codul 20rohome . Saptamana aceasta gasiti si reduceri de pana la 70% pe site. 

E usor sa iti creezi coltisorul de lume in care sa te simti cel mai bine, acasa. 

Review Calvin Klein Euphoria

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Hello girls,

Parfumul poate fi semnatura oricarei femei, parfumul care ma reprezinta cel mai bine este Versace Crystal Noir insa imi place sa detin mai multe, sa am de unde alege. Stiam parfumul Euphoria Calvin Klein de cativa ani, m-am dat cu el de la prietene si mi-a ramas in minte insa nu l-am achizitionat pana acum. Decizie inteleapta ca l-am adaugat in cos cand cautam pe Notino produse de ingrijire si parfumuri!

In anul 2005 , Euphoria a fost nominalizat pentru cel mai bun parfum de lux al anului, fiind foarte iubit de catre doamnele si domnisoarele de pretutindeni.
Este un parfum intens, accesibil ca pret, cu un design reusit care trimite catre orhidee, vedeta parfumului.Cand il port, sunt complimentata adesea.
Parfumul debuteaza cu o nota de rodie, ca mai apoi sa te incante floarea de lotus si orhideea neagra, inima acestui parfum. In acest parfum vei gasi si note de violete, mosc, ambra si lemn de mahon. Toata nebunia se transforma intr-un parfum misterios, provocator , vesel , care iti poate aduce o stare de bine instant.
Din punctul meu de vedere este un parfum rezistent, daca ma dau dimineata il simt toata ziua la servici, iar pe haine persista chiar si cateva zile. ( am simtit parfumul cand puneam haine in masina de spalat).
Ca si raport calitate/pret recomand acest parfum. Nu a fost foarte scump, 187 RON pentru 100 ml, luat de pe Notino.
 Am si o veste buna pentru amatoarele de shopping : la orice comanda de pe site de minim 190 RON, primesti cadou un kit SOS cu produse perfecte de luat in geanta! Suna bine, zic eu. Eu am primit o data un set perfect pentru calatorii, si il gasesc util cand plec cateva zile de acasa.

Am vazut ca multe dintre produsele mele preferate inca nu am review pe blog si ma gandesc sa remediez cat de curand!
Ce produse, subiect va intereseaza ?


Literally Making Your Home One Of A Kind

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Is it any wonder that we look at historical books and films, and fall in love with the decor and interior 
design they had? Look back at the 1700s,1800s and early 1900s and you’ll see how all the interior 
design styles we see and know today were formed. Someone had to be creative, someone had to take 
the best conventions of civilization and create them into a surrounding we’d be happy to wake up in. 
someone had to break the walls of expectations and what was considered acceptable. The interior 
designers who did this, all had to first reimagine their own homes, what they would want if they could 
make it or possibly afford it. Then came the actual practical task of making these ideas into a reality. 
Now, today, it's your turn. If you truly want to live in a space that is one of a kind, you have to make it 
into one. This requires a lot of thought and a lot of sketch drawings on paper. It depends on your own 
taste but also, your skill in craftsmanship. First, keep it simple and then get more and more 

Framing your style

Let’s start of simple, a mirror frame. You can buy mirror frames from pretty much any DIY store. Get 
the correct measurements you need for the mirror you have chosen to reframe. Take them down to 
your local carpenter shop or DIY store and they’ll make one for you. When you have it, now you can 
begin to paint and add anything to it. Make sure it's carving wood grade so if you want to reshape it at 
home with tools, you can. 

Drawing more depth

Cabinets and drawers are a great place to begin your personalization of the home. They’re big and 
blocky, so you have a large canvas on which to work on. They’re also visible but they don’t take 
centerstage so the pressure if off your shoulders to get it right first time. Start off with something 
simple. Think about a two-tone look for your drawers. It could be anything, your sock drawer, towel 
drawer or for makeup and jewelry. Pain the top surface into a darker tone and the same with the 
bottom. The middle or rather the drawers themselves should be in a lighter shade. Think about what 
your own style is. If you want something with more warmth, go for brighter shades like yellow, orange, 
red and even earthtones such as brown. If you want something that is more elegant, go with baby 
blue, lime green or perhaps even champagne for a more softer French look. The drawers should be in 
a neutral, so pearl white, silver or perhaps beige. If you’re confident, you can paint in a piano scheme 
i.e. neutral to brown from top to bottom. One drawer is brown the next under it is white etc.

More than just light

Lamps are another great area to begin your trail on the road to making a home more unique. Lamps 
are again, out of sight and out of mind but for the keen-eyed, they’ll pick up on your craftsmanship and 
style. Get the lampshade off, and detach the metal structure inside which sits on top of the bulb stand. 
You need this structure because the lampshade has to be kept separate from the stem so you can 
take the shade off at anytime without damaging the bulb. Next you need to find your material such as a 
thick card. Craft card is quite popular because it's lightweight but strong. Using the material, wrap it 
around the old lampshade to get a measurement of how big it should be. Once you have it, lock it in 
place using some kind of binding or sticking method. Use tec glue guns because the searing hot liquid 
glue will solidify into an incredibly strong solid. These have an adjustable full-hand lever so you can 
properly control the trigger for small shots with greater finesse. 

Leave the lampshade to dry overnight. Now, you can create whatever kind of style and pattern you 
want. Think outside the box, use various materials like linen, cotton and wool sheets. You can even 
use filter paper for cameras. This is a thin sheet of plastic that comes in all kinds of shades. You might 
just want to keep it simple and print a pattern off from the internet that you really adore. Wrapping it 
around the craft card and then fitting the metal structure into the new lampshade, then putting it on the 
bulb stand finishes off this small detail change. 

Standing rustic table

If you want to create something for your garden but aren’t sure where to begin, make yourself a patio 
stand table. This table is for when you’re sitting outdoors and want to place a drink near you or even 
just to put a plant vase on top of it. It gives the garden a little more depth and height. However, you’re 
not just making any old side table, you need something that’s rustic and tough. Since the garden is 
drenched with rain, pelted with hail and slowly covered snow, you need a table that can withstand all 
the elements. So, an aged oak wood shutter table is something you’ll want to explore. It's just like it 
sounds, old window shutters that are fitted together to make a large rectangle. Plantation style shutters 
are the best kind as the design is much more pronounced and also bulkier to withstand punishment. 
If you don’t have or can’t find any old shutters, then buy some cheap shutters instead. In fact, it gives 
you more opportunity to be creative. Paint and style the shutters however you want. You could go for a 
grass green color, or perhaps you want it to match you patio flooring so perhaps beige or grey. 

Creating your own style of interior is something many people want to do but don’t have the courage or 
the know-how. Begin small with a mirror frame because you can do almost anything to it. Then you 
should create your own lampshade, using various materials and patterns. 


Is The Old-Fashioned Home Parlor Too Out Of Date?

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Many of us have inclinations of what we would like to do given a spare free room in the house. Perhaps
 we’d like to craft a dining room separate from the kitchen area. Perhaps we’d like to craft a small and 
humble home gym. A studio or office is usually one of the most popular choices, and for good reason. 
But to this set of decision making, we would like to pose a question - is the good, old-fashioned home 
parlor out of the question?

You may have different answers for this. Some might say that yes, it would be quite ridiculous to craft 
a room simply for entertaining guests, when they might not visit all too frequently. In the past it was a 
means of socializing with guests, of showing your wealth, or perhaps a room where the gentlemen of 
the house and his friends would sit, smoke cigars and drinks

Of course, you likely won’t have this kind of intention. But is a home parlor too out of date? In this post, 
we would like to raise a defense of the home parlor, and help you think of why you should consider this 
a viable option.

The Values Of Entertaining

It can often be that we wish our social life was a little more textured and diverse. When you open a 
small parlor in your home, you are better able to steward a room dedicated to this kind of interest. 
Perhaps you would like to implement some games to play, such as a small pool table, or perhaps 
setting up your vinyl player and some comfortable in-the-round seating can afford everyone comfortable 
discussion time in the late hours.

For those with children, it can often be that inviting guests around at late hours is not advisable, due to 
how loud conversing at night can often wake them up. But in a dedicated parlor, perhaps in the room 
furthest from your house, subtle soundproofing implements (such as light foam behind the bookcase,) 
or simply its location can allow free discussion and relaxation.

It can be worthwhile to entertain, or at least have a dedicated space for it. This can be a niche feature 
often spoke about, something that will likely be considered a novelty by your guests. It can also provide 
you the means to decorate the room with elements you would like to show. Perhaps small artifacts or 
pieces of memorabilia from travels you have taken abroad can be great conversation starters. 
Professional photography of these environments may be blown up to wall-size and framed effectively to 
give the room a sense of global appeal. A home from home, but within your home, some might say.

On top of that, the relative separation of this room can also help you store items that you might not wish 
your children to come across. For example:

Your Own Bar

Many of us wish to craft our own mini-bar in our homes, somewhere we can proudly show our vintage 
bottle collection for years. Even those who only lightly partake in alcohol, or simply wish to entertain 
guests might find value in this. Bottles are often historical artifacts, and can be looked at with a sense 
of interest. Of course, most spirits only get better with age, also. 

You needn’t go overboard here, with an ice machine, many different glasses or anything overbearing. 
But simply enjoying a collection of small liquers that you can mix, and most importantly make an 
occasion of is better when conducted in a dedicated room. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing 
this over a kitchen surface, but somehow having your own dedicated room and experience can be a 
great benefit, especially if it’s more of an adult-space implement you would much rather keep away 
from your children.

Remain As Eccentric As You Like

One of the best things about a parlor is that you’re able to exercise your strongest forms of eccentricity. 
This might sound silly to think of, but it’s true. Many of us stop indulging in our most silly interests 
because we often think that filling our homes with that could be a bad idea. But in a dedicated room, 
perhaps one dedicated to fun entertainment anyway, you can remain as eccentric as you like.

Perhaps you have a bookshelf lined with only leather-bound encyclopedias you enjoy leafing through. 
Perhaps you’re into rare books and wish for a relaxing place to both preserve and display them. Maybe 
you wish for a vintage collection of old-guitars, or perhaps this is the room in which you’ll pretend you’re 
living in 50’s-era America, wearing a suit, fedora or dress with a cigar as you enter. Perhaps you’d like 
to purchase the most beautiful leather sofas to relax in class.

All of us have these little flights of fancy but are often quite worried to admit them. In a room dedicated 
to this kind of personal fun, it becomes less of a weird interest and something you simply do to entertain 
guests, to indulge and share in your hobby, and to have those conversations. Of course, a parlor isn’t 
necessarily needed for that, but what better place to host this kind of personal interest? 

Personal Planning

A home parlor could also be an excellent place for you and your partner to plan your life together. Of 
course, the etymology of the word means ‘to speak’ in French, meaning that this room may not only be 
a place to entertain guests, but also to have long and constructive conversations with your partner 
about your future.

Putting resources together to plan your modern excursions and considering just how you might tackle 
future challenges or move together towards a future that you want could be great within this room, as it 
guarantees privacy, and also provides an understood setting where you can talk without distraction. 
Sometimes weighing up your options can demand this singular frame of mind.

With these tips, we hope you consider the implementation of the good old-fashion home parlor. It might 
just be the thing your home needs.

Is It Time To Get A Hobby?

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When you’re younger, it’s highly likely that you’re going to have a hobby. We all do. It’s fun to be able to 
enjoy yourself, pursue an interest, and actually enjoy doing something fun. Whether you liked to play 
sports, sing, be active, or do a solitary exercise, you’re going to find that you have a lot of fulfilment and 
satisfaction from doing so. However, as you get older, you may find that this stops. That you ‘grow out’ 
of your hobby. You’d rather spend time with friends or pursuing romantic activities – or even your career, 
and you forget all about what it’s like to have a hobby. Yet, there’s no real need for you to forget all about 
hobbies and kick them to the kerb!
In adulthood, hobbies can be a lovely source of respite. However, you won’t always know where to start, 
or you may find that you’re self-conscious about starting them! Let’s take a look at some ideas that can 
help you to find a new hobby.

Indulging In A Passion

First of all, if you know that you have a passion for something, then this needs to be something that you 
actively look to do to pursue. Maybe it’s writing or reading or sports? Indulging in that hobby is always 
going to add merriment to your life.

Joining A Group Activity

The second way to look at this, is in terms of a group activity. Because you may find that you’re able to 
join a group activity, sport, or team to have fun and get social stimulation too. You could also take this to 
the next level by organizing events, creating uniforms such as custom design cheerleading uniforms, or 
even raising money. Sometimes, this is exactly what your free time needs.

Following A Niche Interest

If you have a niche interest, then why not pursue that too? Sometimes, you don’t always know that this 
is something that you’re passionate about. But maybe you’re interested in history or cinema or travel? 
Then why not pursue that? It doesn’t have to be an activity, per se. You can also pursue a field of interest 
and find a lot of enjoyment through that.

Starting A Club

Or maybe there’s nothing out there for you right now? When this is the case, you may find that actually 
starting your own club or group within your set interest is what you want to do. Like a book club or 
volunteering group.

Creating A Side Hustle

Finally, you may also find that you could start a side hustle too. This could be considered somewhere 
between a hobby and a new career move – particularly if you’re looking to make money from this. If 
you’ve always wanted to be a writer, then why not writer on the side? Maybe you’ve always wanted to 
bake or design? You could absolutely start this as a hobby for fun, but then look to monetize it in the 
future or make a little money off of it.


Saving more money can be as simple as these 8 easy steps

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There are many excellent reasons to start saving more money, such as buying something special like 
a one-time vacation, updating your home’s exterior, or sending a larger amount of money to family 
members. To save money is sometimes a difficult task to accomplish because you might have to give 
up certain things that you are currently attached to very much. But that doesn’t mean it's not a good 
step to make.
You can be happy without spending a ton of money. There are people who buy things, believing that 
they will bring happiness, so they’re always looking for the latest gadgets, the shiniest cars or new 
pairs of shoes of a famous designer. And yet, after they give a lot of money for these things, they are 
happy for a day or two, after which this feeling disappears and they have to look at another thing they 
can buy. It's better instead to learn to love life, to enjoy everything, however insignificant it may seem. 
Enjoy nature, meditate, walk and have fun with your loved ones. There are so many things that can 
make us happy that we really do not need to think about spending when we want to enjoy life.
One of the most important things is setting a clear objective. Seeing your savings as you approach the 
goal is a strong motivation. It's actually easy enough to save - start by making small changes every 
day and see how money is gathering.
1. Monitor your expenses.
The first step is to start keeping a daily record of each purchase you make. Make sure you record 
each purchase, however small. There are many excellent free apps on the market that allow you to 
register your purchases and report back to you. After about two weeks, it's easy to see ways to cut 
spending. Here is a list of great budgeting apps that can help you with this.
2. Set a budget.
Drafting a budget is mandatory for saving. A budget must not be complex, but discipline is also required. 
Just make a list of all your fixed expenses and other needs. Include the amount you'd like to save and 
optional spendings like clothes and entertainment, and then respect your budget carefully.
3. Pay only in cash if possible.
When using a credit or debit card, it's easy to lose track of the amount of money spent in a short period. 
In addition, paying interest on credit card purchases can greatly increase annual spending. With cash 
you can see how much money you spend and have a fixed budget - you only spend what you have in 
your wallet without withdrawing any more money from the ATM. It is also a mental matter: when you 
have to actually get the money out of your wallet, you'll get it harder, thinking twice about the purchase 
you want to make. When you pay with the card, you just pass the card through the device and get it 
done. You cannot sensually perceive the amount spent. This makes it easier for you to quit the 
respective amounts of money. So stick to cash.
4. Reduce utility bills.
Lowering the temperature of the thermostat by only one degree or two will reduce energy costs, just like 
other simple measures, such as turning off the light when leaving a room or switching off devices that 
you do not use. Here are some great examples of how to save money on household bills
5. Cook at home.
A very simple way to save money is to start cooking more at home. Instead of having dinner at the 
restaurant, ordering pizza or having a meal at the fast food before you go home, buy fresh ingredients 
and go for recipe testing. Also, when you travel by plane or on holiday, bring from home the food and 
drinks you eat at the airport or at the hotel, that way you can avoid to buy them at much higher prices at 
the airport.
6. Avoid impulsive shopping.
As today everything we want is just a click away, it's easy to let impulsive shopping spoil our budgets. 
Make sure you've reflected if you "need" an article and not just "want" it. Set a threshold for shopping. 
Wait 48 hours for any article that goes beyond the threshold before buying it with a click. If you want to 
buy something to dress and is not a real urgency, wait for the after seasonal promotions. For example, 
buy winter clothes immediately after Christmas.
Sometimes you can find some promotions on things you really need, so it's time to act. If you don’t 
have the necessary amount at the moment, you can ask someone close to you to make you a small 
loan in order to qualify for the discount. You can also use brands such as Cash Lady to help you with a 
loan in case you find a good promotion for an item you really need. If the commission on the loan is 
lower than the discount, then it is definitely worth it.
7. Be wise with children purchases
By the age of 12, buy baby clothes at discounts or second-hand, because you throw them anyway the 
next year. This also applies to toys. In addition, the money you put aside through this method can be 
used for your child in different better ways, when they will need other things that are much important in 
the future.
8. Sell from things you do not use anymore.
The fastest way to gather and save money is to sell from objects you have not touched for a long time 
and that you no longer use. We all have them - things we have some emotional attachment but we 
have not been able to use for a long time. Whether they are gifts (often not just to your liking) or items 
bought with the idea that you will use them sometime, and it becomes more and more obvious that this 
will not happen too soon. Surely you have gathered things you could easily separate from. Do not wait 
for the moment when maybe you will still need them, but turn them now into money and sell them on 
the internet.

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